Ema - The Universal AI Employee

What are the features of Ema,the Universal AI employee?

  • Can assist every role in a company.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe & Secure.
  • High accuracy and consistency.
  • Can integrate with enterprise applications.
  • Generate documents and reports.
  • Provide insights from all kinds of data.
  • Standard Personas to execute complex tasks.
  • Manage customer support tickets.
  • Automate and run any workflows.

How does Ema Works?
Ema acts as an operating system for Enterprise Generative AI, and she is easy to implement, accurate, and trusted. You can simply ask her to perform complex task through her  Generative Workflow Engine. Ema breaks the tasks into simpler tasks and use enterprise tools to complete them. Ema’s flexible agent architecture helps her to perform large number of tasks. The EmaFusion model combines the best public LLMs and private LLMs provides accurate results.

Why hire Ema, the Universal AI employee?

 Ema is a simple, trusted, and accurate universal AI employee that boosts productivity across every role in your organization.
 1. Integration with 200+ Enterprise Apps:
 Ema connects with hundreds of enterprise apps in File Storage, Accounting, Ticketing, CRM, ATS,Marketing, HR & Payroll.
 2. Handling Enterprise Content:
 Ema is capable of working with various types of enterprise content, including documents, logs, data, code, and policies.
 3. Utilizing Web Data:
 Ema leverages the web to provide real-time updates on regulations, emerging trends, and market competition.
 4. Machine Learning Models:
 Ema combines the capabilities of public LLMs and enterprise or domain specific private models to achieve accurate and consistent results.

Which organizational roles can Ema assist with?

Ema is a one-platform solution for all enterprise needs. Ema can assist with standard personas such as customer support and data professionals, leveraging its Generative Workflow Engine. All of Ema’s personas are safe and compliant to minimize risk, ensuring high accuracy and consistency.
Ema’s Specialized Personas are;

1. Customer Support
Ema automates ticket resolution, assists agents with relevant information, and maintains a dynamic knowledge base, ultimately boosting NPS, productivity, and cost savings. Ema drafts complex support responses, automatically resolves tickets, and augments the knowledge base for training.Data Professional
2. Employee Assistant
Ema delivers immediate, precise, and consistent actionable insights by pulling in data from multiple sources and performing advanced analytics, enabling your team to focus on refining strategies
3. Pharmacist Assistant
Ema facilitates pre-authorization decisions within seconds by analyzing patients medical records and drug policy documents, quoting relevant sources for easy verification by pharmacists.

4. Proposal Manager
Ema generates responses and summaries for new RFPs, reads hundreds of pages in seconds, saves time and enables faster responses to RFPs.
5. Compliance Analyst
Ema instantly checks contract compliance with changing regulations across countries, preventing regulatory penalties and PR issues.

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • E-commerce
  • Technology

  • Ema's pricing is custom.

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