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blog icon   AI E-commerce case studies: How giants boost sales & personalize experiences

E-commerce AI in E-commerce

Like many other industries, AI is shaking up the e-commerce industry as well. In 2024, we can anticipate a significant transformation in the e-commerce industry due to AI.

blog icon   AI in Urbanisation: Transforming cities for a smart future

AI in Urbanisation Smart Cities

Artificial Intelligence is transforming every city and the environment on Earth. AI will reshape relationships in labour, mobility, consumption, and governance. The important sectors of urbanisation include energy, mobility, public safety, water and waste management, healthcare, urban planning, and city governance.

blog icon   AI in Education: Advantages and Challenges

AI in Education Ai in Schools

AI is becoming very powerful every day and has changed the course of education in many ways. We do have great opportunities as well as challenges while using it.

blog icon   Truth or Trend? Navigating the AI Revolution in Journalism

AI journalism News Automation

We all know journalists are the ones who create informative content on Earth. In this article,you will get an idea of how AI has empowered the journalism and media landscape. If you are a journalist or a media person, you can also go through some of the most intelligent AI tools in this category and understand how to make use of them.

blog icon   Unlocking Possibilities: Effortless discovery of AI tools in 2024

AI tools

Artificial Intelligence tools help mankind to do daily tasks with ease. Sources like CB Insights and PitchBook. suggests that around 1,000 AI companies are founded every month, launching about 30 to 40 AI tools daily.

blog icon   AI in Construction: Unlocking solutions to common challenges faced by construction companies.

Construction AI AI Design Build

AI is improving rapidly in the construction field; it simplifies the hardest challenges that you are facing and provides highly accurate, budget-savvy AI-powered construction solutions.

blog icon   Revolutionizing Pet Care: A closer look at exciting AI advancements in 2024

AI in Petcare AI-Powered Petcare

Most of the human beings on this planet are pet lovers. The AI pet care market has seen rapid growth during the last year. In 2023–24, we witnessed a massive increase in pet ownership, especially in developed countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and more.

blog icon   AI in Healthcare: The transformative impact of AI in healthcare today

AI Healthcare Best AI healthcare tools

AI in healthcare has a vital role in the world right now. Pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, and healthcare clinics are widely using AI technologies to improve efficiency and accuracy.The global AI market in healthcare is growing rapidly and is estimated to reach $102.7 billion by 2028.

blog icon   AI in sports: The future of arificial intelligence in sports in 2024

Ai in Sports

Artificial Intelligence in Sports is booming day by day. According to the latest statistics, the AI sports market is expected to reach its peak in 2030. The current global value of the AI in sports market is around 2.1 billion USD, with an expected growth rate (CAGR) of 30.10% by 2030.