AI Audience Builder

AI Audience Builder helps you create Google and YouTube ad audiences. You can use easy AI Audience Builder templates to generate new ad audiences in seconds. You can elevate your ad campaigns with comprehensive targeting options. You can streamline your audience creation with AI-powered grouping and expansion. With the One-Click Google Ads Sync feature, you can effortlessly connect your AI-powered ad audiences to your Google and YouTube Ad campaigns.

AI Audience Builder

Sync to Google Ads in one click

Keyword Research

Maximize your YouTube video ranking and SEO by selecting optimized keywords. Discover the best YouTube keywords for your audience using ad custom audience segments.

Keyword Topic Auto Expansion

The Keyword Topic Auto Expansion tool analyzes your topics and reveals keywords you might not have realized were important. With KeywordSearch, you can create as many relevant keywords as you need within your topic. KeywordSearch technology ensures that the keywords generated remain relevant to your original topic.

Keyword Topic Auto Expansion

YouTube Ad Spy

AI-driven YouTube ad search helps you to discover the best youtube ads in your niche. By searching the KeywordSearch library you can compare with your competitor's youtube ads. You can analyze which YouTube ads perform the best for other advertisers.

YouTube ad spy

  • Marketers
  • Businesses
  • Content Creators

  • KeywordSearch offers a Free trial.
  • Keyword Search -Starts at $97/month.
  • Keyword Search and YouTube Ad Spy tool - $197/month.
  • Keyword Search, YouTube Ad Spy tool and 1,000 AI audience searches per month and enable Google Ad Sync - Starts at $297/month.

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