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What is Krea AI?

Krea AI is an instant image and video creation tool. With Krea AI, you can create stunning image scenery and videos effortlessly by writing text prompts. You can also enhance and upscale any images with Krea AI.

Krea AI's real-time editor and Krea AI all-in-one app allows you to generate stunning, lifelike images based on your prompt. I have given a prompt, "A serene Japanese koi pond garden, framed by cherry blossoms," in the Krea AI real-time editor interface. Additionally, I have chosen the "Cartoon" style. You can see the resulted image below.

Krea AI: Free AI Image & Video Generator with Real-Time Editing

Krea AI is available on the Discord Social Platform : Click here to join Krea AI on the Discord Community

Design Like a Pro: Generate Unique Logos & Branding Assets with Krea AI

Krea AI is a cool, innovative AI platform for designers. The Krea AI real-time editor offers a variety of unique options powered by artificial intelligence. The tool window has select and move image options, shapes, paintbrush, and eraser tools available for performing image editing. You can access high-resolution models available to style your images. Krea offers different image effects like HD, photo, concept, CGI, and cartoon styles, which are currently available in the beta version. You can also create multi-image prompts in real-time, enabling you to use up to three images to condition your generations, now available in Krea's latest HD model. Krea Video uses both Keyframes and Text prompts. The key features are as follows:

  • Video Enhance(enhance videos up to 1.5k resolution and 30 fps.)
  • Instant AI image generation
  • Enhance and upscale any image
  • Multi-image prompts in real-time (latest feature in Krea's new HD model)
  • AI video generation
  • Logo illusions
  • AI Patterns
  • AI training
  • Studio canvas
  • Keyframe Strength : Latest feature to change the influence of each keyframe in Krea Video.
  • Playback speed : You can control the playback speed with Krea Enhance.

Additionally, Krea AI is an excellent tool for video generation. I have seen a lot of video creations on In my experience, it requires some effort to learn video generation and editing with Krea AI. If you are a designer or content creator, you should definitely try the Krea AI design tool.

What AI tools are available in Krea AI?

  • Real time AI image Editor (AI text to Image generator)
  • Upscale and Enhance
  • AI patterns
  • Logo illusions
  • AI video generator

How can I use Krea AI to create stunning visuals from my descriptions (text-to-image) and further enhance them?

You can use Krea AI to create stunning visuals and enhance them. Here's how you can do it.

Step 1 : Login for free or Sign up with
Step 2 : Navigate to Krea AI real-time editor interrface.
Step 3 : Enter your prompt or choose a random prompt from the prompt section.
Step 4 : Select color combinations, paint brush or eraser if needed. Based on your selection, the generated image on the canvas will quickly adapt to the changes.
Step 4 : Use the image upload option if you need to add images to the design. Utilize the Redo and Undo options as needed.
Step 5 : Select HD (for premium users only), Photo, Concept, CGI, or Cartoon filters based on your artistic needs.
Step 6 : Choose the "Quick Enhance" or "Send to Enhance and Upscale" tool to add final touches to the image.
Step 7 : Download your artwork.

Pro Tip: You can use the aspect ratio tool to adjust image proportions for different display formats, and the overlay view feature allows you to add and customize graphical elements such as shapes and textures to enhance your designs. Now, with aspect ratios introduced in Realtime, users can effortlessly generate both horizontal and vertical images.

How does Krea AI Upscale and enhance images?
Using Krea AI's upscaler and enhancer tool, you can easily generate high-quality images. Krea AI's upscaler and image enhancer tools can be useful for photographers, graphic designers, content creators, e-commerce businesses, architects and designers, and non-professional users. Here's how we can upscale and enhance images with Krea AI. See the steps below.

Step 1 : Add images. You can drag and drop, Click to upload or Ctrl+V to paste images to upscale and enhance.
Step 2 : Select Upscaling factor (1x, 2x, 3x or 4x).
Step 3 : Click Enhance buton and download the result.

Bring Imagination to Life: Krea AI's Powerful Text-to-Image & Video Creation

Logo Magic: How to Create Stunning Logo Illusions with Krea AI (Perfect for Freelancers & Brands!)

Krea's Logo illusion tool can turn your logos into creative visual illusions. We've generated an example logo illusion from a prompt. In our view, this tool can be beneficial for paid users of Krea AI and is ideal for small brands and freelance graphic designers who require visual illusions along with their logos. To begin creating a logo illusion with Krea AI, navigate to Krea's logo illusion tool interface. You can either upload your own logo or choose from the example logos provided. Additionally, you can generate the illusion by entering a prompt in the prompt window. Finally, click on the "Generate Illusion" button or press Ctrl+Enter on your keyboard.

Prompt : "Design a logo that seamlessly integrates symbols of learning and innovation, reflecting the spirit of education excellence in the digital age."

Krea AI Logo Illusion Tool: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

See the prompt Result generated by Krea AI logo illusions

Freelancer's Secret Weapon: Generate Eye-Catching Logo Illusions with Krea AI (Free Trial!)

Unlock Your Creativity: How to Make AI Patterns with Krea AI (Free & Easy Guide!)

Krea AI provides an excellent AI pattern design tool for graphic designers, web designers, fashion designers, artists, illustrators, and non-design professionals. To create an AI pattern with Krea AI, you need to enter the prompt in the prompt window and click on the "Generate" button. You can change the pattern design by selecting a mask available in the Krea AI pattern design tool interface, or you can also upload the mask. You can also create Text pattern with Krea AI. By selecting advanced settings, you can change the Pattern strength, Guidance scale, Diffusion steps, and Freeze Seed (algorithm starting point) options. Additionally, you can use negative prompts to remove the things you don't want.

Prompt : "Generate an intricate geometric pattern inspired by nature, incorporating elements of leaves and flowers, with a vibrant color palette reminiscent of a summer garden."

Design Like a Pro: Create Custom AI Patterns in Krea AI (Masks, Text & More!)

See the prompt Result generated by Krea AI Patterns

Beyond Photos: Generate Stunning AI Patterns with Krea AI (Advanced Settings Included)

Who benefits from Krea AI's image tools?

  • Graphic Designers
  • Content Creators
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Photographers
  • Artists
  • Business Owners
  • Students and Educators
  • Visual Creation Enthusiasts

What are the pros and cons of Krea AI?

Krea AI Pros

  • Edit photos and perform enhancements.
  • Photo editing and artistic effects.
  • Quick responses from developers regarding issues.

Krea AI Cons

  • Bugs
  • Crashes and non-functional features.
  • upload/download issues.
  • Under development.
  • Watermarked images with free version.

What are Krea AI's pricing and standout features?

Krea offers Free, Basic, Pro, and Max pricing plans. See the Krea AI pricing breakdown below:

Free Plan

Price : Free


  • Free generation (Daily)
  • Krea Tool Access (Limited)

Basic Plan

Monthly : $10 per month
Yearly : $8 per month


  • 36k realtime image generations
  • 120 image enhancement
  • Krea tools (Full Access)

Pro Plan
Monthly : $35 per month
Yearly : $28 per month


  • 180k realtime image generations
  • 600 image enhancement
  • Krea tools (Full Access)
  • Private Mode

Max Plan
Monthly : $60 per month
Yearly : $48 per month


  • 540k realtime image generations
  • 1800 image enhancement
  • Krea tools (Full Access)
  • Private Mode
  • New features (Early Access)

Krea AI Reviews: Can This AI Tool Enhance Your Creativity or Leave You Frustrated?

Krea AI has mixed reviews in the digital sphere. The some users express positive feedback on Krea AI.
"Amazing tools to enhance images adding details, not just a scaling job."
"Impressive technology, freely available to anyone to experiment and explore its capabilities with user-friendly interface."
"Another great tool for an AI artist toolkit."

Some users says;
"While offers various prompts and editing options, the level of fine-grained control over the generated outputs could be increased."
"The quality of the generated outputs can sometimes be inconsistent."

"Krea AI image enhancer, where it gets stuck on a loading screen and doesn't process the uploaded images."

Source : Reddit, LinkedIn, Product Hunt

Latest Update

KREA Video Enhancer is now open to everyone. With this update, Krea AI also supports higher resolutions and frame rates of up to 120fps.

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Ready to take your content creation to the next level? Sign up for Krea AI for free today and experience the power of AI-powered visual generation!

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  • Free and Paid plans available.

faqs icon for ai toolsKrea AI Art FAQ's

What can Krea AI do for you?

Krea AI generates a variety of images to match your needs, offers real-time editing with Krea's editor, and enables the creation of short video ads with its text-to-video feature, which is currently in beta.

Is Krea AI free or paid?

Krea AI offers both free and paid plans.

What is the invite code for Krea AI?

KREA-FRIENDS was the invite code released on December 3, 2023. Follow the Twitter profile of Krea AI for more details.

Can I use AI-generated art created with Krea AI for commercial purposes?

No, Krea AI's website privacy policy does not provide any details regarding the commercial use of AI-generated art. Therefore, the generations created with Krea AI are not intended for commercial use.

Is there an app available for Krea AI?

As of now, the Krea AI web app is available. There are no Krea AI Android and iOS apps available for users.

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