How does Voxio work?

Step 1: Record your voice, lecture, or anything you wish.

Record your voice, a lecture

Step 2: Select the templates or design your own.

Choose one of the templates or create your own

Step 3: Get the result.

Organized notes just from your voice

What are the key features of Voxio?

  • Templates.
  • Convert recordings to formatted text.
  • Create your own templates
  • Multi-language support.
  • You can save the recording and convert it whenever you want.
  • Integration.

Voxio App - Turn Speech Into Formatted Text!  (Source : Youtube Channel : Richard Shank)

What are the use cases of Voxio?

  • Create a concise text that is meant for easy reading and understanding.
  • Extract items from the speech and automatically format them into a list. 
  • Write a casual email.
  • Write a formal email.
  • Compose a tweet or a post for other platforms.
  • write a whole long-format blog post.


  • Cleanup.
  • List.
  • Formal email.
  • Interview.
  • Custom.
  • Summary.
  • Casual email.
  • Tweet.
  • Post.
  • Blog.
  • Lecture notes.
  • Meeting notes.
  • Transcript.

How much does Voxio cost?

  • Voxio offers both free and paid plans.
  • The Voxio basic plan costs $9.45.
  • The Voxio pro plan costs $11.84.
  • The Voxio elite plan costs $29.30.
  • The Voxio Unlimited plan is custom.

What are the pros and cons of Voxio?

Pros of Voxio

  • Audio to formatted text.
  • Built-in templates.
  • Create your own templates.
  • Customization.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Record lectures, meetings, etc.
  • Write formal or casual emails.

Cons of Voxio

  • Accuracy.
  • Privacy.
  • Cost.

  • Basic plan - $9.45, Pro plan - $11.84, Elite plan - $29.30, with a custom Unlimited plan.

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

What is Voxio?

An AI platform that converts recordings to formatted text.

What can I record?

Anything! Ideas, lectures, meetings, or anything else.

Does Voxio offer templates?

Yes, for organization and different content types.

Can I create my own templates?


What languages does Voxio support?

Multiple languages for capturing information.

Do I convert recordings immediately?

No, save them and convert later if needed.

Does Voxio integrate with other tools?

Yes, Voxio integrated with other tools like Notion.

What can I use Voxio for?

Summarizing lectures, creating formatted lists, and writing emails.

What kind of templates are available?

Cleanup, list, email (formal/casual), interview, custom, and more specific ones like blog posts or meeting notes.

Is Voxio free?

Voxio offers both free and paid plans.

Are recordings perfectly converted to text?

Accuracy may vary, editing for complex terms or accents might be needed.

Is recording sensitive conversations okay?

Consider privacy implications and local recording laws.

Does audio quality affect results?

Yes, background noise or poor recordings can lead to inaccuracies.

Can I use Voxio offline?

Speech-to-text conversion might require an internet connection.

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