Purecode AI

What are the key features of Purecode AI?

  • Custom ReactJS components creation
  • Integration with Tailwind CSS, Material UI, or plain CSS
  • Actionable insights
  • Enhanced code quality
  • CodeLens integration
  • Visual Studio Code support

What is Purecode AI?

PureCode AI allows developers to generate React.JS components from simple text prompts. Developers can turn their ideas into functional UI components directly from text prompts.
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What are Purecode AI Components?
Purecode AI Components are pre-built user interface elements designed to streamline the development process for developers. The components available in Purecode AI are:
  • Tailwind Forms
  • MUI Card
  • MUI Form
  • MUI Modal
  • MUI Header
  • Tailwind Header

What UI elements does Purecode AI offer?

Purecode AI provides a range of UI elements to streamline development. These include Tailwind Button, MUI Button, MUI Table, MUI TextField, Tailwind Table, MUI Checkbox, and MUI Accordion.

What frameworks does Purecode AI support?

Purecode AI supports the Tailwind, Material-UI (MUI), and CSS frameworks.

Purecode AI trial, plans, and pricing details?

Purecode AI's free trial offers:

  • Unlimited component generations
  • Unlimited iterations/updates
  • Private generations for 7 days

After the trial, users can pick:

  • Monthly plan: $19 per month
  • Yearly plan: $99 per year (50% off the monthly price).

Both plans include:

  • Unlimited component generations and updates
  • Flexible commercial terms
  • Option to pay monthly or annually

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