What is is a no-code AI enterprise application development platform providing enterprise AI bot building and AI best development practices to corporations and developers, thereby facilitating process simplification, cost savings and new growth opportunities leading to AI technology democratization and equality.

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Effortless AI Chatbots: Build Powerful Assistants with GPTBots (No Coding!)

GPTBots: The Future of Customer Service & Data Analysis with AI

What are the key features of

Easily Build and Train AI Bots

  • Bot.
  • FlowBot.
  • AgentBot.
  • Easy to build.
  • Template creation.
  • Custom creation.
  • Dialogue creation.
  • Knowledge base.
  • Plugins.
  • Code parser.
  • Independent operating environment and database.
  • Train and improve Bot.
  • Embedded sharing.
  • API Integration.
  • Available on Discord Scocial Platform

Controllable LLMs

  • Structured prompts.
  • Data orchestration.
  • Process orchestration.
  • Fine-tuning.
  • Natural language calls plugins.
  • Mainstream large models.
  • Open-source models.
  • Professional small models.

Enterprise-specific Knowledge Base

  • Structured data and unstructured data.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • API.
  • Web page knowledge update.
  • Knowledge of online editing.
  • Knowledge slice management.
  • Mixed retrieval mode.
  • High-quality knowledge embedding model.
  • Vector retrieval test.

Simple and Powerful Agents

  • Memory ability.
  • Knowledge base.
  • Tools.
  • Code interpreter.
  • LLMs.

Why GPTBots? Build your own AI bot with your data  (Source : Youtube Channel : GPTBots)

What are the use cases of

Leads Generation

  • Legal advice.
  • Financial loans.
  • New energy vehicles.
  • Healthcare consultation.
  • Blockchain.
  • Pet supplies.
  • Real estate.
  • SaaS consultation.
  • Insurance recommendations.
  • Shopify customer service.

SEO AI Writer

  • Blog content generation.
  • Human-like writing.
  • Plagiarism detection.
  • Keyword research and categorization.
  • SERP content analysis.
  • Competitor keyword gap analysis.
  • Article outline generation.

Customer Support

  • Logistics quotation.
  • Hospital customer service.
  • Insurance product consultation consult.
  • After-sales service.

Data Analysis

  • Scientific computing.
  • File compression.
  • Content and file generation.
  • Testing and programming.
  • Business data analysis.
  • Visualize data charts.
  • File format conversion.

How much does cost?

  • offers both free and paid plans.
  • The Growth plan costs $159 per month.
  • The Business plan costs $649 per month.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $1799 per month.

What are the pros and cons of

Pros of

  • Flow Bot.
  • Template Bot.
  • Custom widget logo.
  • Embedded widgets.
  • Integrated third party channel.
  • Plugins.
  • Voice capabilities.
  • Workspace.
  • API access.
  • Multimodal dialogue.
  • Independent use scenarios.
  • Convenient integration.
  • Multiple LLM options.
  • Privacy and security.

Cons of

  • Cost.
  • Dependence on AI-generated traffic.

  • Growth ($159/month), Business ($649/month), and Enterprise ($1799/month).

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

Who can use

Both enterprises and developers.

Does require coding?

No, it offers a code-free approach.

What types of AI bots can I build?

FlowBots, AgentBots, and custom bots.

Can I use templates to build bots?

Yes, offers pre-built templates.

How do I train my AI bot?

Through dialogue creation and a knowledge base.

Can I integrate with other tools?

Yes, it offers plugins and API access.

What large language models (LLMs) are supported?

Mainstream, open-source, and professional models.

Can I use my own data to train the bot?

Yes, supports enterprise-specific knowledge bases.

What kind of data can I use for training?

Structured and unstructured data.

Does have any memory capabilities?

Yes, bots can remember past interactions.

What are some use cases for

Lead generation, customer support, data analysis, and more.

Can help write SEO content?

Yes, it has an AI writer with plagiarism detection.

Does offer a free plan?

Yes, there is a free plan available.

What are some advantages of

Easy to use, multiple bot types, LLM options, and privacy focus.

What are some potential drawbacks of

The cost and reliance on AI-generated traffic.

Is secure?

Yes, it offers privacy and security features.

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