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What is Abstra?
Abstra is an AI-driven Python workflow engine that allows you to build and run custom business processes with less hassle. Run automated tasks alongside manual reviews. Enjoy real-time processing and understanding. Keep everything you need with logs and git-friendly versioning. Abstra integrates with various tools as well as dedicated infrastructure, which means that you will enjoy all the benefits of compliance at any time and platform flexibility.

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Python + AI Workflows: Build Powerful Automations in Minutes

Streamline Backoffice Processes: AI-Powered Workflows & Data Integration

What are the key features of Abstra?

  • Code-free process automation.
  • AI-powered workflows.
  • Production-ready solutions.
  • Lock-in free.
  • Fully auditable workflows.
  • Mix and match workflows.
  • Smart Forms.
  • Dynamic forms.
  • Advanced integrations.
  • Sleek, modern, and responsive UI.
  • Sequentially triggered processes.
  • Manually triggered automations.
  • Time-based automations.
  • Event-based automations.
  • 1-click deploy to a production-ready URL.
  • Transparent and scalable hosting.
  • Back-end driven architecture.
  • Git integration.
  • Secure user authentication.
  • SAML providers.
  • Granular permission control.
  • Auditable logging.
  • On-premise hosting.
  • Data source integration.
  • Internal API integration.
  • External service integration.
  • Custom add-on creation.
  • Native database integration.
  • PostgreSQL table management.
  • In-project data storage and query.
  • Drag-and-drop component creation.
  • Pre-built widget library.
  • Python code binding.
  • Custom branding.
  • Cloud deployment.
  • Multi-app connection.

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What are the use cases of Abstra?

Credit and Finance

  • Team registration.
  • Credit onboarding.
  • Receive new entries from sheets.
  • Generate documents with spreadsheet data.
  • Send payment notification to Slack.
  • Send customized emails from spreadsheet data.


  • ETL from PostgreSQL.
  • Receive new entries from sheets.
  • Send KPI’s to Slack.

Customer Support

  • Customer registration.
  • Certificate generator.
  • Send KPI’s to Slack.
  • Generate documents with spreadsheet data.
  • Send customized emails from spreadsheet data.
  • Send payment notification to Slack.

Sales Operations

  • Send customized emails from spreadsheet data.
  • Send payment notification to Slack.
  • Generate documents with spreadsheet data.
  • Subscribe to a new feature.
  • Send KPI’s to Slack.
  • Lead collection with SLack integration.


  • Digitize any evaluation in minutes.
  • Turn your data into actionable insights.
  • Automatic document exports and email dispatch.

What are the pros and cons of Abstra?

Pros of Abstra

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Reduced errors.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Enhanced scalability.
  • Flexibility.
  • Security.
  • Customization.
  • Ease of use.
  • Auditable logs.
  • Team support.

Cons of Abstra

  • Limited control.
  • Potential integration issues.
  • Learning curve.
  • Cost.

What is a Workflow?

A Workflow is a set of Python-coded stages. You can design complex business processes by combining these stages. They may run fully automatically, or with manual inputs from users. 

What is a Stage?

A Stage is a step of your Workflow. It is a Python file that will be executed when your Workflow comes to this point in its run. You can choose a trigger for the Stage by creating it as a Form, Hook, Job or Script.

Forms: Stages that are triggered manually with a friendy UI. You add these to the Workflow every time there is a need for user input in your process.

Jobs: Stages that are scheduled at a time in future, to work in background at the specified time.

Hooks: Stages that are triggered by authorized HTTP requests to a secret endpoint.

Scripts: Stages that are simple python scripts. The trigger for this is just the previous step of the Workflow upon which this step is dependant. 

What is the Cloud Console?

Cloud Console is the place where you can edit and manage your production, monitor your stages, and build and execute logs. This is also where you handle a number of aspects of a project's shared environment: 

  • Production logs.
  • Production env vars.
  • Subdomain settings.
  • Production Kanban Tables.
  • Files.

ai tool pricing icon  Abstra pricing

  • Abstra offers a free trial for users.
  • The Abstra Starter plan costs $100 per month.
  • The Abstra Pro plan is custom.

faqs icon for ai toolsAbstra FAQ's

What can I do with Abstra?

Automate tasks, involve manual reviewers, track process history, and connect to various tools.

What are the benefits of Abstra?

Increased efficiency, reduced errors, improved accuracy, and easy scaling.

Is Abstra easy to use?

Yes, Abstra offers a code-free interface and pre-built components.

Does Abstra integrate with other tools?

Yes, Abstra integrates with various tools and infrastructure.

Can I create custom tools for Abstra?

Yes, Abstra allows creation of custom add-ons.

Can I connect Abstra to external services?

Yes, Abstra allows integration with external services.

Can I connect Abstra to internal APIs?

Yes, Abstra allows integration with internal APIs.

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