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What is Facecheck.ID?

Facecheck.ID is a facial recognition search engine tool where you can search for people. It's an investigative search engine that uses facial recognition technology to find similar faces on the internet. Face check ID cannot guarantee an identity match, especially from low-quality photos. Users should be cautious about making judgments based on Face check ID results.

Facecheck ID chrome Extension available : Install FaceCheck ID extension for Chrome

How Does FaceCheck.ID work?

Face check ID utilizes artificial intelligence technology for face detection. It measures similarity between faces using AI and detects matches. Facecheck AI searches a large volume of data from the internet to produce match results.

The screenshots below displays our test with the author's image. In the second image of the results, FaceCheck ID finds the image of the author from social media. Check it out!

Step 1 : Drop photo of the person you want to find.

The supported image formats for search include .jpg, .png, .webp, or .bmp.

Facecheck ID

Step 2 :  Searching Faces

AI powered Facecheck

Step 3:  Search in Progress

Face Search with Facecheck.ID

Step 4:  Search in Progress - Waiting in queue.

Face search

Step 5:  Result


What is Facecheck ID match quality score?
The Face check ID match quality score ranges from 0 to 100 and is divided into four color-coded groups: Facecheck ID says a score of 83 and higher indicates a good, reliable match.
A score of 90 to 100: A certain match.
A score of 83 to 89: A confident match.
A score of 70 to 82: An uncertain match.
A score of 50 to 69: A weak match.

Is FaceCheck.ID safe and reliable for verifying someone's identity online?

Facecheck is a safe and reliable platform. It's privacy policy states that it does not collect or share any personally identifiable information about its users. Facecheck search provides links to websites where it finds similar matches of a detected face. The Facecheck AI algorithm does not search for children's faces and strictly follows ethical and legal requirements in displaying face match results. Facecheck ID takes a low-resolution thumbnail of your picture and a URL link to a website, and it does not save your personally identifiable information. Try FaceCheck ID risk-free!

What are the features of FaceCheck ID?

  • Detect face matches on the internet using AI technology.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Personal Identity verification
  • Color-Coded Groups
  • Match quality score
  • Privacy Protection
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Storage
  • No Search History Logging
  • Training on Adult Faces
  • Compliance with Terms of Service

What are the use cases of FaceCheck ID?

  • Investigative Research
  • Online Dating
  • Identity Verification
  • Privacy Protection
  • Family Reunification
  • Content Moderation
  • Education and Awareness
  • Business Transactions
  • Legal Compliance
  • API available.
  • Chrome Extension Available.

What are the pros and cons of FaceCheck ID AI?


  • You can upload a photo and search the internet for photos of people that look similar.
  • FaceCheck claims to find social media profiles, news articles, and videos of the person.


  • FaceCheck does not collect any personal information, but the technology is not perfect, and users should not rely solely on face recognition.
  • Even a high match quality score may not ensure the photos are of the same person.
  • FaceCheck cannot be used to identify children.

How to Use FaceCheckID API for Developer Projects (Step-by-Step Guide)

Step 1 : Sign Up and Obtain API Token: (Click here to signup Facecheck.ID)
Register on the Facecheck platform to obtain your API token.
Step 2 : Upload an Image for Search:
Use /api/upload_pic to upload the image you want to search for on the internet.
Step 3 : Retrieve Search ID:
Get an id_search to identify your image search request.
Step 4 : Implement Error Handling:
Check the API response for error messages and take appropriate actions based on the response. Integrate the FaceCheckID API and unlock powerful search capabilities.
Get started today!

What are the prices for FaceCheck ID's subscription tiers?

FaceCheck ID offers five subscription tiers;

Just a Peek - $6 in Crypto

  • 36 Credits
  • Credits Expire in 2 Days
  • Access to Links
  • Priority Search

Rookie Sleuth - $19 in Crypto

  • 150 Credits
  • Credits Expire in 14 Days
  • Access to Links
  • Priority Search

POPULAR - Private Eye - $47 in Crypto

  • 400 Credits
  • Credits Expire in 2 Months
  • Access to Links
  • Priority Search
  • Continuous Search
  • Telegram Alerts

Deep Investigator - $197 in Crypto

  • 2000 Credits
  • Credits Expire in 6 Months
  • Access to Links
  • Priority Search
  • Continuous Search
  • Telegram Alerts

The Professional - $597 in Crypto

  • 10000 Credits
  • Credits Expire in 1 Year
  • Access to Links
  • Priority Search
  • Continuous Search
  • Telegram Alerts
  • Export to PDF & Excel

Some users find it difficult to buy FaceCheck.ID credits. Here's how you can do it. Click here to view the video tutorial.

Is FaceCheckID a Scam? User Reviews on Effectiveness & Credibility (March 2024 Update)
We have analyzed over 100 Facecheck ID users' opinions across social media platforms such as Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. Based on our findings, we have reached the following conclusions about Facecheck ID customer reviews. Our analysis found mixed reviews about this face search engine. Most users gave positive feedback about Facecheck ID's role in identifying fraudulent activities and helping with online safety efforts. However, some users complained about the new pricing feature introduced in the March 2024 update.
Some users say:
"It's an effective tool for identifying fake accounts and scams."
"Facecheck.id helped me find multiple social media accounts with suspended profiles."
"Facecheck.id is simple and easy to use."
Some users say:
"The requirement for crypto payments is seen as off-putting and inconvenient for some users."
"Users suggest alternatives like PimEyes, indicating they find these options more reliable."
"There are complaints about the tool producing a significant number of false positives during searches, reducing its reliability."
"Some users feel the timing of monetization might drive away potential subscribers and burn through funds if done too early or too late."

Even though there is positive feedback about this AI tool, its accuracy isn't always reliable and should be carefully considered before using it.

Useful Links

Facecheck Reverse Image Search chrome extention available : Install Facecheck Reverse Image Search chrome extention
About Reverse image face search : https://facecheck.id/en/Reverse-Image-Face-Search
Privacy Policy : https://facecheck.id/Face-Search/Privacy
FAQs: https://facecheck.id/Face-Search/FAQ
Facesearch API: https://facecheck.id/Face-Search/API
Facecheck ID Search Tips : https://facecheck.id/Face-Search/ReverseImageSearchTips

faqs icon for ai toolsFaceCheck ID - Face Search Engine FAQ's

How accurate is FaceCheck ID?

Facecheck search results provide faces resembling a person but do not provide exact images of the person.

Is face Check ID safe?

The Facecheck website states that they strictly follow ethical and legal requirements. Searching for children is prohibited on the Facecheck platform. We can conclude that Facecheck is a safe platform.How does Facecheck search for a person by photo?

How does Facecheck search for a person by photo?

Facecheck ID uses AI technology to detect a person's face in a photo from a large amount of search data. Facecheck provides resembling images of a person from the internet, but it does not identify people.

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