• Single Universal Login for multiple users.
  • Copyleaks detects AI generated and plagiarised source code with 99.8%  accuracy.
  • Similarity Report Pdf provides AI content, plagiarism report including text highlights.
  • The Admin Tool 
  • Scheduled automatic recurring scans.
  • Copyleaks allows cross language plagiarism detection.
  • Grammar checker API.


  • Protecting academic integrity.
  • Safeguarding teaching materials.
  • Ensuring content originality.
  • Scrutinizing submissions.
  • Monitoring online content.
  • Protecting intellectual property.
  • Screening job applications.
  • Enhancing content marketing.
  • Identifying copyright infringement.
  • Investigating potential fraud.
  • Integrating with learning management systems.
  • Developing content authenticity tools.
  • Powering content moderation platforms.
  • Ensuring ethical reporting.
  • Identify the use of AI generated text
  • Detect plagiarism in multiple languages.
  • Download PDF reports.
  • Easily share reports for tracking updates.
  • Schedule recurring scans for easy content monitoring.
  • Full API integration.
  • Create white label reports to suit your brand’s needs.
  • Mosaic plagiarism can be challenging for Copyleaks.
  • Need technical expertise for implementing integrations with other platforms.
  • Subscription plans can be expensive for individuals or small businesses.
  • Limited accuracy in cross language plagiarism detection.

  • Copyleaks AI Content Detector subscription plan costs $7.99 / Month.
  • Copyleaks AI Plagiarism Detector subscription plan costs $8.99 / Month.
  • Copyleaks AI + Plagiarism Detector subscription plan costs $13.99 / Month.

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

What is Copyleaks?

Copyleaks is a powerful tool that helps to create and protect original content. Copyleaks detects popular AI models like ChatGPT and Bard.

What is an AI Grader?

AI Grader is the powerful tool for efficiently grading thousands of standardized tests at the university, state, and national levels by eliminating potential errors and giving more accurate test results.

What is an AI content detector?

An AI content detector is a tool offered by Copyleaks designed to identify whether a piece of text was written by a human or generated by artificial intelligence (AI) models like ChatGPT and BARD.

What is Plagiarism Detector?

This is a specific online tool and API service offered by Copyleaks. It features various functionalities like scanning text for matches against their vast database of web content, academic papers, and previous submissions.It generates detailed reports highlighting matching content, source links, and confidence levels of the matches.

What is Codeleaks?

Codeleaks is actually a specific AI-powered tool within the Copyleaks platform designed to specifically analyze and detect plagiarism in source code.

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