What are the features of Twee?

  • Generate quizzes.
  • Create discussion questions.
  • Provide writing prompts.
  • Create questions for YouTube videos.
  • Create a text.
  • ABCD questions.
  • Open questions.
  • Dialogue based on topic.
  • True or False statements.
  • Reading bits.
  • Titles for a text
  • Famous quotes.
  • Essay topics.
  • Four opinions.
  • Creative writing.
  • Link words into sentences.
  • Word definition matching.
  • Fill in the gap.
  • Sentences with target vocabulary.
  • Word formation.
  • Matching halves.
  • Collocations with target vocabulary.
  • Extract collocations.
  • Word-Translation matching.
  • Communicative situations with your vocabulary.
  • Discussion questions.
  • Find facts.
  • Famous quotes.
  • Lead-in activities.
  • Advantages and disadvantages.
  • Link words into sentences.
  • Four opinions.
  • Video Transcript.
  • YouTube summaries.
  • YouTube video with questions.

What are the use cases of Twee?

  • Quickly generate quizzes, discussion questions, and writing prompts.
  • Find relevant activities.
  • Reduce time spent searching for interesting facts and quotes.
  • Personalize lessons .
  • Reinforce key concepts.
  • Promote writing skills.
  • Create differentiated instruction materials.
  • Develop engaging review materials.
  • Brainstorm new lesson ideas.

Twee: AI-powered tools to create personalised lesson materials  (Source : Youtube Channel : Twee)

How much does Twee AI cost?

  • Twee offers both free and paid plans for users.
  • Twee Pro plan costs $19 per month.
  • Twee Schools plan is custom.

What are the pros and cons of Twee AI?

Pros of Twee AI

  • Saves Time and Effort.
  • Boosts Lesson Engagement.
  • Enhances Learning Outcomes.
  • Personalized Learning.
  • Differentiation.
  • Brainstorming Tool.

Cons of Twee AI

  • Over-reliance on AI.
  • Quality Control.
  • Limited Creativity.
  • Technological Dependence.
  • Cost.

How can Twee AI help me as an English teacher?
Twee can support you in various areas:
Reading: Generate engaging reading materials.
Writing: Offer diverse writing prompts and exercises.
Vocabulary: Develop interactive vocabulary-building exercises and activities.
Listening: Create comprehension quizzes and discussion prompts.
Speaking: Facilitate speaking activities through dialogues, debates, and role-playing scenarios.
Grammar: Support grammar instruction with exercises.

Engage Students of All Levels: AI-Powered Vocabulary, Discussion & Writing Prompts from Twee

Free Up Your Time to Focus on Students: AI-Powered Lesson Planning with Twee

Image : Twee Dashboard Screenshot

Save Time, Spark Creativity: AI Lesson Planning Tools for Busy English Teachers (Twee)

Image : AI Tool in Twee Dashboard - Convert Audio & Video to Text .

What AI tools are available in the Twee dashboard?

AI tools available in Twee AI include reading, vocabulary, writing, speaking, grammar, and listening.

1) Watch and listen: This section in the Twee AI dashboard will enhance your students listening abilities.
The AI tools available in this section are:

  • Convert Audio & Video to Text.
  • Audio & Video Question Creator.
  • Choose the right summary.
  • Warm-up discussion questions before listening.
  • Audio and Video Summary GapFill.

2) Read and understand a text: This section in the Twee AI dashboard covers creation, analysis, and discussion of diverse reading materials.

The AI tools available in this section are:

  • Create a text on a certain topic.
  • Create open questions to the text.
  • Create ABCD questions for a text with only one correct answer.
  • Create True/False statements based on your text.
  • Create a dialogue on any topic.
  • Lead-in activities for a text.
  • Create three titles for a text:.
  • Reading bits and pieces.
  • Simplify or upgrade your text.

3) Learn and practice new words: This section helps to develop your students vocabulary.

The AI tools available in this section are:

  • Fill in the gap.
  • Create a matching exercise word definition.
  • Create a list of sentences with your vocabulary.
  • Essential vocabulary on the topic.
  • Create a word formation exercise.
  • Create communicative situations with your vocabulary.
  • Extract collocations from a text.
  • Word-Translation matching.
  • Rephrase using the word given.

4) Drill some grammar: This section in the Twee AI dashboard will help engage students in effective grammar practice.
The AI tools available in this section are:

  • scramble the words in sentences.
  • Create an exercise with matching halves.

5) Make your students speak: This section in the Twee AI dashboard helps students to overcome language barriers with stimulating speaking prompts.

The AI tools available in this section are:

  • Find discussion questions.
  • Find interesting facts on a given topic.
  • Create a list of advantages.
  • and disadvantages on the given topic.
  • Find quotes by famous people on The topic.
  • Four Opinions.
  • Links words into sentences.

6) Ideas for homework: This section in the Twee AI dashboard provide opportunities for independent practice to reinforce learning.

The AI tools available in this section are:

  • Creative writing with target vocabulary.
  • Create a list of essay topics on a given subject.

  • Twee pricing plans starts from $19 per month.

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

What is Twee?

Twee is an AI assistant that helps English teachers create lesson plans.

What can Twee do?

Twee can help create lesson plans, including generating questions, discussions, and activities based on a video or topic.

Is Twee free?

Twee offers a free plan with limited features.

What are some alternatives to Twee?

Some alternatives to Twee are Nearpod, Edmodo, ClassDojo, and Socrative.

Can Twee create different text formats?

Yes, Twee can generate dialogues, stories, letters, articles, and even news reports based on a chosen topic.

Does Twee search for specific YouTube channels?

You can search for videos by keyword or topic, and Twee will find relevant YouTube videos with automatically generated questions.

What kind of quotes can Twee find?

Twee can find quotes from famous authors, historical figures, or even celebrities related to your chosen topic.

Is Twee suitable for all lesson types?

Twee excels at generating activities for core skills like reading, writing, vocabulary, etc.

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