What is TheB.AI?

TheB.AI is an AI platform with a variety of state-of-the-art models, enabling users to embed AI in workflows and build their own applications. You can also customize models and search for real-time information with a self-developed search suite.

From Text to Image & Beyond: Unleash Your Creativity with TheB.AI's AI Models

Free AI Models & More: Powerful Solutions for Individuals & Teams at TheB.AI

The Ultimate AI Playground: Explore & Customize Models with TheB.AI

Free AI Models & More: Powerful Solutions for Individuals & Teams at TheB.AI

What are the key features of TheB.AI?

  • Access via web.
  • Access via API.
  • Real-time search.
  • Personas.
  • Long-term memory.
  • Image generation.
  • Multiple models.

What are the use cases of TheB.AI?

  • Real-time search for information.
  • Easy access to powerful models.
  • Embed AI into your workflow.
  • Customize models for a better experience.
  • Generate images.

What are the pros and cons of TheB.AI?

Pros of TheB.AI

  • Offers a free model for all users.
  • Provides free credits for new users to try out paid models.
  • Easy to access and use through a web app or API.
  • Wide range of powerful models including advanced language models and image models.
  • Ability to customize models for a better user experience.
  • Long-term memory, so the model can remember what you said before.
  • Ability to generate images from simple words.
  • Team-friendly with features to invite colleagues, share funds and monitor usage.

Cons of TheB.AI

  • Speed of the free model may vary with high traffic.
  • Cost.

What are the different types of models available on TheB.AI?

  • Google
  • DALL-E2
  • GPT-4
  • PaLM 2
  • Codey
  • Imagen
  • GPT-4 32K
  • OpenAI
  • GPT- 3.5 16K
  • GPT- 3.5 
  • Claude 100K
  • Meta
  • Anthropic
  • Claude
  • Claude 2
  • Claude Instant
  • Code LLama
  • LLama 2
  • Claude Instant 100K

  • TheB.AI offers custom pricing.

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

What kind of AI does TheB.AI offer?

Advanced models for language and image generation.

How do I access TheB.AI?

Through a web app or API.

What can I search for with TheB.AI?

Real-time information on various topics.

Can TheB.AI remember past interactions?

Yes, it has long-term memory.

Can TheB.AI create images?

Yes, you can generate images based on descriptions.

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