What are the features of SmallTalk2Me?

For Schools

  • AI-powered oral English placement test for a streamlined student assessment.
  • Accent-aware voice recognition.
  • Anxiety-free environment.
  • Fun interactive practice.
  • Detailed proficiency reports.
  • Language assessment and placement for your school.
  • Speaking practice platform for students.
  • Empower vocabulary learning.
  • Online IELTS speaking and writing AI assistance.

For Business

  • Assessment test.
  • Learning tool for employees.

For Individuals

  • Mock job interview.
  • Vocabulary Booster.
  • English-Level Test.
  • IELTS speaking simulator.
  • IELTS writing simulator.

What are the use cases of SmallTalk2Me?

  • Language schools.
  • Recruiters and HR.
  • University admission.
  • Impress in a job interview.
  • Prepare for the IELTS speaking test.
  • Monitor your English level.
  • Practice your spoken English every day.
  • Test your students language skills.
  • Create a custom test for students.
  • Promote active learning.
  • Improve your English vocabulary. AI recruiter feature for job interview  (Source : Youtube Channel : SmallTalk2me)

95% Accurate English Level Test & Personalized IELTS Speaking Feedback

English Learners: Free Level Test & Practice for IELTS Speaking

Master the Job Interview: Daily English Practice & Mock Interviews

Daily English Practice & Mock Interviews: Achieve Interviewing Confidence

How does SmallTalk2Me work?

Step 1: Choose a test.

Select the option to assess speaking abilities, writing abilities, or a combination of both, or create a personalized test that aligns with your company's requirements. Once the test is prepared, forward it to the candidates.

Step 2 : Candidates complete the test remotely.

They can do the test on their computer or phone whenever and wherever they want and save their answers.

Step 3: Get the results.

After someone finishes the test, you can see their results right away. This shows how well they can speak the language. You can use this to choose the person who is best suited for the job.

Step 4 : Automate your testing process.

The web-cloud platform lets you ask for tests and see the results. You can also connect SmallTalk to your own system using its API.

How much does SmallTalk2Me cost?

  • SmallTalk2Me offers a free trial for users.
  • A one-time purchase plan costs $10 per test, valid for one month.
  • Subscription plans are custom.

What are the features included in the SmallTalk2Me paid plan?

  • 100+ sets of IELTS speaking and writing tests.
  • Human-like feedback on IELTS Mock tests and Job Interview tests.
  • Personalized IELTS speaking and writing tests.
  • Rephrasing Tips.
  • Wide Range of CEFR-Graded Tests.
  • Job interview preparation (Special course by SmallTalk2me).
  • Unlimited Speaking Courses Across All Subjects
  • Analyze Unlimited Audio with Speech Analyzer.

What are the pros and cons of SmallTalk2Me?

Pros of SmallTalk2Me

  • Advanced speech analysis.
  • Sensitive about privacy.
  • Verified assessment methodology.
  • Flexible integration.
  • Accurate CEFR level.
  • Language proficiency report.
  • Harnessing the power of big data.
  • Cloud platform.
  • Tests customization.
  • Results export.
  • 80+ Mock IELTS speaking and writing tests.

 Cons of SmallTalk2Me 

  • The pronunciation assessment may not be accurate.
  • Conversational nuances and complexities might be missed during the simulation.
  • Cost.

Who can use SmallTalk2Me?

  • Students.
  • Schools.
  • Teachers.
  • Business professionals.
  • Individuals.

  • SmallTalk2Me pricing plans starts from $10 per test.

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

What is SmallTalk2Me?

SmallTalk2Me is an AI-powered speaking assistant that helps you improve your English speaking skills.

How can I get started with SmallTalk2Me?

SmallTalk2Me offers a free trial. You can also visit SmallTalk2Me website to learn more about their plans and pricing.

Can I use SmallTalk2Me on my phone?

Yes, you can complete tests and practice speaking on your computer or phone.

Is SmallTalk2Me safe to use?

SmallTalk2Me claims to be privacy-sensitive and utilizes secure cloud storage for your data.

Does SmallTalk2Me offer any certifications?

SmallTalk2Me itself doesn't provide certifications.

Can I customize the tests on SmallTalk2Me? 

Yes, SmallTalk2Me allows the creation of custom tests.

Does SmallTalk2Me integrate with other platforms?

SmallTalk2Me offers API integration, allowing connection to your existing learning management systems or HR platforms.

What are some alternatives for SmallTalk2Me?

Some alternatives for SmallTalk2Me are IELTS CHAMP, Tutor AI, and Teacher AI.

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