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What does Seapik AI do?

Seapik AI's writing tool helps improve your writing without any effort. Seapik offers more than 600 free AI writing tools.Seapik is a useful AI writing tool for everyone, especially for marketers and small-scale business owners. The top ai tools available in seapik ai are: ai writer, free ai text effects generator, free ai online editor, free ai editable templates, ai background remover.

Free AI writer to make your writing

Image: Seapik AI dashboard - AI writer tools screenshot

Free AI Text Effects Generator: Create Stunning Designs in Seconds

Free Text Effects Generator for Engaging Social Media

Free Online Photo Editor: Easy Edits & Stunning Effects for Everyone

Free Online Photo Editor

What are the features of Seapik free online photo editor?

  • Add Text to Images.
  • Resize Photos.
  • Rich Filter.
  • Direct access to seapik photo resources within the editor.

Free Editable Design Templates: Customize & Download in Minutes

Free Editable Design Templates: Customize & Download in Minutes

Free Background Remover Tool: Get Transparent PNGs in Seconds

Remove Background Online, Free! Transparent PNGs with Seapik

What are the key features of Seapik AI writer?

  • AI Writing Tools
  • AI Writer
  • AI chatbot
  • AI Prompt
  • AI Art
  • AI text effects
  • AI online editor
  • AI template
  • AI Bg remover
  • Ai generate outlines
  • Ai write long-form text
  • Ai write short-form text
  • Brainstorms tool
  • Generate headline
  • Paragraph generator
  • Rewrite content tool
  • Speed up brainstorming
  • Write lists
  • Write next paragraph

What are the usecase of Seapik AI writer?

  • Students
  • Entereprenuers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Business
  • Content creators
  • Writers & Authors
  • Educators

What are the popular AI tools available in Seapik AI?

The popular AI tools available in Seapik AI are Ai Essay Writer, Story Generator, Blog Ai Writer, Paragraph Rewriter, Custom Writing, Research Paper Writer, Song Lyrics Generator, Email Ai Writer, Slogan Generator, Idea Generator, Ad Copy Generator, Profile Bio, Social Media Title Generator, Instagram Hashtag Generator, SEO Meta Title & Description, and LinkedIn Headline Generator.

What office AI tools are available in Seapik AI?

The Seapik AI has a huge collection of office tools for various purposes, including formal writing, speech materials, speech, application report, work summary, PPT outline generator, study report, work report, self-summary, thoughts and insights, thank you letter, proposal, notice writing, resume modification, thoughts on the event, notice document, personal deeds, training summary, work perception, case report, work plan, self-examination report, recruitment JD, self-criticism letter, notice of holidays, experience, invitation card, email writing, emergency plan, custom summary, tour guide's introduction, trip report, summarize, administrative notice, speech experience, job search copywriting, training program, write the code, exchange of experiences, tender document, learning experience, job performance, gather information, debriefing report, indictment, rectification program, annual summary, onboarding report, resignation report, campaign speech, deeds of dedication, contract template, anti-fraud propaganda, meeting planning plan, etiquette copy, letter of introduction, summary of becoming a regular employee, quarterly summary, conference experience, work impressions, assessment summary, OKR development, half-year summary, promotion summary, summary of professional titles, typical deeds, monthly summary, organize life meeting, main deeds, advanced deeds, and management system.

What's included in Seapik AI's Premium plans and their starting price?

The Seapik AI premium plan starts at $16.5 per month for the Annual Unlimited Plan. This plan offers access to all tools, unlimited personal files, AI text effects, generating images from prompts (with 2500 image downloads), an online editor, creating designs with custom dimensions, and exporting designs. Additionally, it includes a background remover, valid commercial licenses, access to 600+ use cases, writing in 20+ languages, Chatbot by Seapik AI, and priority support.

  • Easy to use.
  • 600+ free AI tools.
  • Generate ideas.
  • Customization.
  • Time saving.
  • Limited control over quality.
  • Limited creativity and originality.
  • Ethical considerations.

  • Seapik 3 day plan cost $2.9.
  • Seapik 7 day plan costs $5.9.
  • Seapik 1 month plan costs $9.9.
  • Seapik yearly plan costs $4.9 per month.

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

What is Seapik?

Seapik is an AI writing tool that helps users create quality content.

Who can benefit from Seapik?

Individuals, marketers and small and medium enterprises can benefit from Seapik.

Is Seapik free to use?

Yes, Seapik offers more than 600 free AI tools.

Is Seapik a good replacement for human writers?

No, Seapik is not a replacement for human writers. It lacks creativity, emotional intelligence and critical thinking of human writers.

What are some alternatives for Seapik?

Some popular options include Jasper, Rytr, Writesonic, and ShortlyAI.

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