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What is Jotbot?

Jotbot is a personal AI document assistant that allows you to write more better and faster. Jotbot AI is trusted by over 300k students. Students can write essays with jotbot writing assistant in their own unique voice and style. Jotbot AI instantly reads text, documents, and scrapes websites for information and generates 100% original content.

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How to use Jotbot AI?

Jotbot is an advanced AI-powered study tool helpful for students. Jotbot learns your writing style using machine learning techniques. Here, I explain how Jotbot AI works in six simple steps.
Step 1 : Upload your prevously written essay to Jotbot
Step 2 : Provide your source details
Step 3 : Specify the topic of your essay and its lenghth.

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Step 4 : Get ideas and an outline from the Jotbot suggestions.

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Step 5 : Receive the draft with sources .

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Step 6 : Refine the draft with AI-powered editing.

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You can copy the essay as text, copy markdown, shareable link, or download it as a PDF.

Additional tips to master JotBot and write essays in your style:
Use AI commands

  • ⌘/Ctrl + J to use an AI command

Accept Autocomplete

  • Type '++' for autocomplete, '/' for formatting
  • Press the ‘TAB’ key to accept the suggestion.

Edit with AI chat
Select text to find sources
Switch to Ultra mode

  • You can choose between Speed Mode (write faster, less powerful) or Ultra Mode (slower, more powerful) for writing your essays.

What AI tools are available in Jotbot AI?

  • AI Essay Writer
  • AI Source Finder
  • AI Outline Generator
  • AI Note Taker
  • AI Video Summarizer
  • AI YouTube Video Summarizer

What are the key features of Jotbot AI?

  • AI Autocomplete
  • Source finding and Citation
  • Draft generation in your voice
  • Chat functionality
  • AI-Powered writing & editing
  • Automated note taking

Who can use Jotbot AI?

  • Writers
  • Students
  • Teams
  • Researchers

What are Jotbot AI's pricing and features?

Free Plan
Price : Free

  • 10 credits per day
  • Up to 3 sources
  • Access to basic features

Unlimited Plan
Monthly: $20/month
Yearly: $14/month (Billed yearly)

  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlimited autocomplete
  • Unlimited sources
  • Unlimited video upload
  • Upgraded AI models
  • Priority access to new features

faqs icon for ai toolsJotbot AI FAQ's

Is Jotbot AI free?

Yes, Jotbot offers a free plan with basic features and provides 10 credits per day.

Is Jotbot AI safe?

Based on the terms of service provided on the Jotbot website, Jotbot AI is safe to use.

Is Jotbot AI good?

Yes, Jotbot AI is one of the best AI study and research tools helpful for students.

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