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What is Janitor AI?
Janitor AI is an AI chatbot that allows users to chat with AI-generated characters. With Janitor AI, users can create AI characters and engage in conversations with them. The beta version of Janitor AI is now available and currently under development. Janitor AI offers around 300,000 chatbots, each designed to be fun and interactive for users.

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What are the key features of Janitor AI?

  • More than 300k AI characters are available to chat.
  • Chat with AI-generated characters
  • Users can create AI characters
  • Users can engage in private chat with AI.
  • Available on Discord social platform.
  • Support OpenAI Key
  • NFSW(18+) AI content available for adults.
  • Janitor AI developing their LLM.

How to create an AI character using Janitor AI?

Step 1: Provide character information:

The character will be displayed and searched based on the information provided during the creation process.
You can fill out the following fields to provide character information.

  • Name
  • Image
  • Introduction
  • Gender/ Type of the character(Male characters, Female characters, Celebrities, Game, Alien etc).
  • Public/ Private Bot
  • Limited/ Limitless(18+). Limited bots will not provide NFSW content.

Create a persona- Janitor AI

Step 2: Provide character definition
You have to provide the following details.

  • Describe the characters personality (Persona)
  • The initial message from your character.
  • Scenario
  • Example Dialogues

Character Definition- Janitor

Step 3: Click the Create character button to generate a character.

What are the Pros & Cons of Janitor AI?


  • Better Memory
  • Private characters
  • Custom AI characters


  • Network connectivity issues
  • Beta version, constantly learning and improving.
  • API-related issues.
  • Sometimes the application may slow due to server issues.
  • Bugs/ Errors as the development is in progress.
  • NFSW (18+) content

What are the pricing options for Janitor AI?

Free Plan

Price: $0/month

  • 50 messages
  • Create custom characters
  • Access to community characters

Standard Plan

Price: $2.74/month (or $32.99/year)

  • 1000 messages
  • Dedicated chat capacity with basic priority
  • Create custom characters
  • Access to community characters
  • Private character creation

Premium Plan
Price: $11.69/month (or $140.29/year)

  • 5000 messages
  • Good Memory
  • Dedicated chat capacity with medium priority
  • Create custom characters
  • Access to community characters
  • Private character creation

Deluxe Plan

Price: $35.99/month (or $431.89/year)

  • Unlimited messages
  • Maximum Memory
  • Dedicated chat capacity with high priority
  • Create custom characters
  • Access to community characters
  • Private character creation

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