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  • Detection of AI generated image : It helps to find out the probability of AI making an image from a given one. Illuminarty uses different computer vision programs to give the chances of an image being made by one public AI creation Model.
  • Detection of AI generated text : It helps to find out the probability of AI making a certain text. Illuminarty uses different Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to provide the chances of  the text being generated from one of the public AI models. 
  • API for automated detection: The Illuminarty API lets you check if a picture was made by API and finds the detectors most likely to be used from your program directly.

Detect AI-Generated Images & Text with Illuminarty AI - Free & Paid Plans

To determine whether an image is AI-generated, select the image icon in the interface, and you can either drag and drop the files onto the interface or click on the interface to upload a file. To detect AI-generated text, you can enter the text into the interface and submit it.

Detect AI generated images and text

Figure : Illuminarty AI WebApp Interface.

Image Source : Illuminary Website (Screenshot)

Uncover AI-generated images with Illuminarty AI's powerful detection tools

detect AI generated images

Figure : Illuminarty AI - AI Image Detection.

Image Source : Illuminary Website (Screenshot)

Identify AI-Generated Text: Check Probability with Illuminarty AI

Free AI Text Detection

Figure : Illuminarty AI - Free AI Text Detection.

Image Source : Illuminary Website (Screenshot)

  • Helps to detect deep fakes and manipulated images , ensuring the authenticity of visual content.
  • Illuminarty Ai fosters trust between users and AI Technology.
  • It can provide valuable insights into the capabilities and limitations of different AI models used for image generation.
  • Uploading Images or text without proper consent could raise privacy concerns.
  • It sometimes may give authentic text or images as Ai generated.

  • Free AI image classification and AI text classification
  • $10/Month

    AI image classification
    AI image localized detection
    AI model identification for image generators
    AI text classification
    AI text localized detection
    API usage (10,000 requests/day)

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

What's Illuminarty?

Illuminarty is a state- of- the- art AI platform designed to find out if an image or textbook has been generated by artificial intelligence. With its advanced algorithms, it can identify the type of AI involved in creating an image and indeed distinguish the parts formed through machine learning. With the rise of AI- generated content on the internet, Illuminarty provides valuable insights into the authenticity and origin of these creations.

Is it important to find out AI- generated content?

With the widespread presence of AI- generated content, it becomes crucial to discern between machine- created and human created contents. Understanding the origin of content helps us to appreciate and credit the creativity of human beings while feting the advancements made by AI. also, by identifying AI- generated content, we can also uncover implicit issues of authenticity, ethics, and brand violation.

How can Illuminarty distinguish between different types of AI?

Illuminarty's sophisticated algorithms are trained to fete the distinct traits displayed by various types of AI systems. It analyzes the style, nuances, and underlying patterns within the content to determine which specific AI model was used.

Can Illuminarty determine if a textbook was generated by AI?

Yes, Illuminarty can also assess the authenticity of textbook and determine if it was generated by AI. By employing natural language processing algorithms, it scrutinizes the textbook's syntax, semantics, and patterns to distinguish between mortal and AI- generated content.

What are the benefits of using Illuminarty?

Authenticity : Illuminarty helps in verifying the authenticity of content and differentiating between AI- generated and human - created contents.
Intellectual Property Protection : By identifying AI- generated content, Illuminarty assists in securing intellectual property rights and preventing brand violation.
Ethical Considerations : Illuminarty raises awareness about the involvement of AI in content creation and prompts conversations on ethical implications and responsibilities.
Advancements in AI : By providing insights into the capabilities of different AI models, Illuminarty contributes to the ongoing development and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

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