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What is Figgs AI?

Figgs is an AI-powered chat companion. With Figgs AI, you can create and chat with AI figures without filters and limits.

Craft your own story: Can Figgs AI's AI-powered worldbuilding spark interactive adventures?

Figgs is an AI platform that creates characters, stories, and entire interactive worlds with unique and personalized content using AI technology. Figgs AI allows you to interact with AI characters and creates a personalized experience. Figgs AI is apt for gamers, story lovers, and anyone who seeks creativity. Figgs AI runs on an AI infrastructure specifically designed for running "Figgs" efficiently. Figgs uses large language models (LLMs) and machine learning techniques to personalize Figgs' responses.Try Figgs AI today to unleash your creativity!

Unleash Your Creativity: Build Your Own AI Characters with FiggsAI

Free AI Playground: Chat and Create with Fun AI Characters on FiggsAI

What types of characters can be found in Figgs AI?

  • Anime
  • Books & Cartoons
  • Celebrities
  • Gaming
  • Helpers
  • Original Characters
  • Relationships & Family
  • TV & Movies
  • VTubers

Create and Share AI Friends: Explore Figgs AI's Community for Unique Conversational Experiences!

  • Figg Creation : Users can create Figgs and chat with the figgs created by other users
  • Conversational AI : Users can engage in natural conversations that evolve with each interaction.
  • Free Access (for now) : Currently, Figgs AI is available at no cost.
  • Figgs AI community : Allows community engagement and encourages collaboration among users (Reddit, Discord).
  • Follow other users : Users can follow eachother, and this can help users to stay updated on the figgs and updates shared by their favorite creators.
  • Enhanced Reroll Feature: Enhancing the overall user experience and creativity in interactions with AI characters.
  • Unhide Figgs: Users can unhide figgs previously hidden.

How can I create a custom AI character on Fig's AI to chat with privately?

Creating a Figg on the Figgs AI platform is easy. I've tried creating one myself. Here are the details:

Step 1 : Login for Free or Sign up with

FiggsAI: Unleash Your Imagination with Free AI Characters

Step 2 : Select the "Create" (plus icon) in the left navigation menu.

Create Your Own Fun AI Friends: The FiggsAI Playground

Step 3: Fill the Name, Description, Personality, Greeting Message in the form.

Next-Gen AI Chat: Chat & Play with Figgs on FiggsAI

Enter a scenario and select up to three categories. By selecting categories, your Figg can be easily identified.

Free AI Community: Build a World of Imagination on FiggsAI

Set Visibility to Private or Public and Add a cover image less than 5 MB.

The Future of AI Entertainment? Dive into FiggsAI

Here we set the visibility to "Private"

 Custom AI character on Fig's AI allows you chat with privately

You can also generate the Avatar image automatically (limited to 5 images per hour).

Beyond Text: Interactive AI Companions on FiggsAI

I have created the avatar image automatically. Now, save the generated image.

Shape the Future of AI! Join the FiggsAI Community

Step 4 :  Avatar creation completed.

AI Playground for Creators: Build Your World on FiggsAI

Figgs AI: Is it a Creative Playground or Buggy Beta? (Weighing the Pros and Cons)

Figgs AI Pros

  • Innovative Features
  • Versatile Functions
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Community Engagement
  • Captcha implementation has been done to prevent spam.
  • Free Access

FiggsAI Cons

  • Bug Reports
  • Merchandise Integration
  • Performance Variability
  • Technical Glitches
  • Feedback Loop
  • Repetition and short answers
  • Uncertainty about creation limits
  • Spam concerns.

Figgs AI Use cases: Beyond Entertainment - Unleash Creativity, Education, and More!

  • Entertainment
  • Creativity
  • AI Education
  • Creative thinking
  • Language Learning
  • Virtual Companionship
  • Personalization
  • Community & Collaboration
  • Gaming

Can Fig's AI be your personalized chat playground? Early users tell all!(Latest Update: May 2024)

Initial Figgs AI reviews are promising about this chatbot, but Figgs AI has mixed reviews.

Some says, "This bot has strong memory capabilities, but critical bugs hinder user experience."

Others express, "Figg's AI shows promise with occasional slow responses. Developers actively fix bugs; hope for sustainable model."

Some users are encountering repetitive and short answers, which is another problem.

"Some bots in Figgs AI take a long time to generate messages."

However, there are signs of improvement as the developer team recently made updates for improving its AI model. These updates specifically address issues such as avoiding NSFW content, reducing repetition, and refining responses to provide a more natural conversation flow.

Experience free AI chatting on Fig's AI now! Chat on Fig's AI

Helpful Links

Figgs AI is available in Discord Social Platform : Click here to join Figgs AI on Discord
Figgs AI has a Merch Store for Figgs!
Click to see the Shopify link.
The Figgs Creators Directory : Find here
Privacy policy :
Reddit Cmmunity :
Join Subreddit Community : Click here to join

ai tool pricing icon  Figgs AI Chatbot pricing

  • Figgs AI is free to use.

faqs icon for ai toolsFiggs AI Chatbot FAQ's

Is Figgs AI free to use?

Figgs AI is free to use at the moment, and there are currently no pricing plans.

Can I interact with other users on FiggsAI?

Yes, you can chat with other users on Figgs . You can use the "Chat with a random figg" button to meet new people.

How can I join the FiggsAI community?

You can join Figgs AI community on Discord and Reddit. Follow Figgs official X account for updates and news.

Is the Figgs AI app available?

Android and iOS versions of the Figgs AI app are under development.

What is a Figg?

A "Figg" in the context of Figgs AI refers to a digital entity or figure (character) created within the platform.Figgs AI allows you create your own figgs and also you can interact with the figgs developed by the figgs AI user community.

I want to keep my conversations private with certain AI characters. Can I do that on Fig's AI?

Figgs AI support private chat with AI characters. To initiate a private chat, select the "private" option in the character creation section.

What's the character limit for one conversation in a Figg?

The character limit for one conversation in a figgs chatbot is around 8,000 tokens, with each token roughly equivalent to 3-4 characters.

Why are some Figg/bots marked Unsafe?

Figg/bots marked Unsafe due to automatic NSFW tagging based on content description by the model.

Does Figgs AI have an app?

The Figgs AI web platform is optimized for mobile versions. The Figgs AI app for Android and iOS is under development.

Does Figgs AI allow NSFW content?

Yes, Figgs AI allow NFSW content and not safe for kids.

Is there a limit to the number of Figgs AI characters I can create?

There is currently no set limit on the total number of Figgs AI characters you can create.

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