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Beta character AI Chatbot helps the user to talk with anyone from a personal assistant to celebrities. Users can create and talk with the AI avatar with this platform. Avatars can be fictional or based on real people, dead or alive or even inanimate objects. This bot is ideal for educators, entrepreneurs, writers, web developers and tech enthusiasts. Users can create AI avatars and chat groups called rooms containing multiple avatars to engage in conversations with each other and the user simultaneously.  

Create Custom Chatbots & More: A Character.AI Tutorial

Step 1.

On the left side of the Character AI interface, there is a menu with a "+ Create" icon. Click on it. Choose the first option, "Create a character.

create a character- step1

Image Credit: Character.AI Website
Step 2.
In the "Create a Character" interface, you need to provide:

  1. Name of your avatar.
  2. Greeting for your AI chatbot.
  3. Choose whether to enable image generation for the character if required.
  4. Choose the visibility option as public, unlisted, or private.
  5. Create an image for your avatar. You can either create an image from text or upload an image.
  6. Edit advanced details.
  7. Click on the create button.

create a character step2

Image Credit: Character.AI Website

If you need assistance in creating a character bot, you can use the "Character Book" option. This will help you create your AI avatars.

Character.AI Chat: Unveiling Its Impact on Entertainment, Learning, and Social Connection

While navigating to the Character AI website, you can find different characters from Elon Musk to William Shakespeare.

Fun AI characters

You can chat with Character AI for fun with Elon Musk, Michael Jackson, and other comedy AI characters.

Politics AI Characters with Character.AI
You can find AI characters of great leaders like Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelensky, Karl Marx, Winston Churchill, and many more.

Comedy and Politics AI characters in character AI

Image Credit: Character.AI Website

Character Assistant
The Character AI "Character Assistant" helps you answer questions, brainstorm ideas, draft emails, write code, give advice, and much more.

Character Assistant

Image Credit: Character.AI Website

Plan Your Trip

You can engage in conversations about travel preferences with AI companions.

AI Trip Planner

Image Credit: Character.AI Website

Interactive Conversation Practice with Character.AI Language bots

You can learn 30+ languages with HyperGlot and English Teacher, character bots available in Character AI.

Language Learning

Image Credit: Character.AI Website

Character.AI Interview Practice

The 'Interviewer' bot in Character AI will conduct a simple screening interview for the job position you seek.

Interview practice with AI

  • Millions of user-created AI avatars, each with their own personality.
  • Chatting with favourite characters and unique AI personalities is fun and relieves your stress.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Character AI App is available on iOS and Android.
  • In longer chat sessions, the Chatbot may slow or lose its memory.
  • Annoying filters is one of the drawback of this AI tool.
  • While it does a good job blocking NFSW content, some people have noticed that it still lets through other inappropriate stuff.

  • The Character AI chat bot offers free and paid subscription plans.
  • Pricing starts at $9.99/month.
  • Paid subscription offers several benefits such as priority access (users can skip the waiting rooms), quick replies, early access to the latest update, c.a+ community access and supporter badge.

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

Why is Character AI popular?

Character AI helps you to create your own AI characters that feel alive. Users can chat with their favorite characters.

Is Character AI useful?

The Character AI chatbot is one of the best conversational AI tool for educators, entrepreneurs, writers, web developers, tech enthusiasts. If you are a lonely person, engaging with this Chatbot is really fun.

Do you talk to real people on Beta Character AI?

No. Beta Character AI dialogue agents are built with technology based on large language models. So the interactions are made between super-computer generated texts, not with a real person.

Why does Character AI feel so real?

Sometimes Character AI chat bot feels so real. Character AI brings the science-fiction dream to life, enabling open-ended conversations and collaborations with supercomputers. The supercomputer reads a lot of text, learns to predict and generate words naturally in various situations.

Does Character AI allow 18+ (NFSW) content?

No. Character AI chat bot will not allow explicit content.

Is Character AI filtered?

Yes. Character AI filter NFSW (not safe for work) content for best safe user experience.

Is using Character AI safe?

Yes. Character AI is safe, secure and transparent in terms of their policy and service.

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