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Here are some of the features of Caktus AI:

1. Caktus AI Essay Writer

Students can simply input essay type and topics, the AI essay writer will generate the essay to match their academic needs. The important functionalities of this AI tool are;  


How to Write an Essay with Caktus AI (Source : Youtube Channel : Caktus AI)

  • Scan a large database of academic sources and make strong and reliable outputs.
  • Caktus Ai essay writer will help to maximize your writing capabilities.
  • The essay outputs meet academic standards.
  • Generates original content.
  • Generates essays in perfect grammar.
  • Generate fast, reliable, simple detailed essays.

2. Caktus Paragraph Generator

Caktus AI paragraph generator helps the students improve their writing paragraphs by providing personalized insights, research assistance, and grammar support. By using this AI tool students can create well-written paragraphs efficiently.

  • Allows students to input link sources for generating relevant paragraphs.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • This  AI-powered tool generates unique content.
  • It provides personalized tips and enhances clarity in essay writing.
  • It enables a streamlined writing process.
  • It uses advanced AI technology and simplifies content creation.

3. Caktus AI Hook Generator

 This tool helps to generate captivating introductions that draw readers' attention. This tool is the best for generating introductions for academic papers, social media posts, news articles, and more.

4. Caktus  AI Sentence Expander

This tool helps enhance a sentence with colorful, enriching language. Caktus takes a brief prompt from users and transforms it into generating organic texts with impeccable grammar and syntax.

5. Caktus AI Sentence Rewriter

Caktus AI sentence rewriter is a powerful tool that helps you to rephrase dull or repetitive phrases with rich and engaging language.

6. Caktus AI Story Generator

Cactus AI generates beautiful stories based on your story prompts.

7. Caktus AI conclusion Writer

Cactus AI writes compelling conclusions for essays by taking all its key points.  

8. Caktus LinkedIn Summary Generator 

Caktus lets you craft powerful LinkedIn profile summaries by highlighting your professional experience.

9. Caktus AI Question Solver

Caktus takes complex questions on any subject and provides clear, trustworthy answers with logical explanations.

10. Math Word Problem Solver

Caktus AI solves complex math word problems effortlessly with step-by-step solutions and explanations. This Math Word Problem Solver can assist basic to advanced problem-solving. 

11. Caktus AI Essay Rewriter

By using advanced AI technology Caktus rewrote essays based on the user's needs.This tool rapidly produces rewritten content to save time and improve productivity for writers and content creators.

12. Caktus AI Paragraph Rewriter

Caktus AI can rewrite paragraphs in seconds. Cactus AI assures your data privacy, security, and safety.

13. Caktus Discussion Board Response Generator

Caktus AI delivers highly engaging discussion board responses to match the specific topic or question. Cactus AI analyses the discussion prompt and generates relevant, high-quality responses. Users can customize the produced responses according to their unique style and can add their voice and personal touch to maintain authenticity.

14. Caktus AI Text Humanizer

Caktus AI helps in natural language generation. It transforms text into natural and engaging conversation. It removes robotic content and effortlessly transforms the robotic text into human-like writing.

15. Caktus AI Text Summarizer

Caktus AI helps users to obtain clear and comprehensive summaries. This AI tool helps to summarize long and complicated texts and lets users generate clear, in-depth summaries with precision.


  • Affordable AI assistant for students to learn and do homework.
  • By using this tool, students can improve their grades.
  • For teachers, it is a powerful tool for evaluating and generating educational materials.
  • Students can learn programming languages.
  • Generated content is plagiarism-free.
  • Human-like output responses.
  • Extensive range of features.
  • 65+ innovative AI tools.
  • Useful for both teachers and students.
  • Slower than other similar AI tools.
  • Premium features are a bit pricey.
  • It may require some time to learn all the tools.
  • Students may become over-reliant on AI.

  • Cactus AI has a free trial, Monthly, and Yearly Plans.

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How to Write an Essay with Caktus AI?

When you visit the Caktus AI dashboard, head to the "All Tools" section and click on "Essay Writer." There, you'll see two choices: "Simple Essay" and "Detailed Essay." Choose the one that suits you, type in your topic or prompt, and hit "Generate." In no time, you'll have a fantastic essay ready to go.

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