What are the key features of aetherAI?

  • AI-driven digital transformation for pathology.
  • Instant image sharing and better collaboration.
  • True gigapixel AI.
  • AI for improved pathology.
  • Integrated AI systems

True Gigapixel AI - Direct AI training of gigapixel images by an end-to-end weakly supervised method.

The pathological identification of lymph node (LN) metastasis

Deep neural network trained on gigapixel images improves lymph node metastasis detection

What products does aetherAI offer?

aetherAI offers a variety of products, including:

AI-Powered Pathology Image Management System

  • aetherWeb : Cloud Pathology for Enhanced Education and Research.
  • aetherSlide : Digital Pathology System in the AI era.

AI Applications for Diagnostic Support

  • aetherAI - LN : Lymph Node Metastasis AI Detection- Gastric Cancer.
  • aetherAI - IHC : IHC Quantification - Breast (Ki67, ER, PR).

Integrated AI Systems

  • aetherAI - Hema : The World’s First Bone Marrow AI.
  • aetherAI - Ortho : Whole-Spine Lateral Measurement.
  • aetherAI - Endo : Colorectal Polyp and Adenoma Detection.
  • aetherAI - LDCT : Lung Nodule Detection.

aetherAI LN - Lymph Node Metastasis AI Detection  (Source : Youtube Channel : aetherAI雲象科技)

How does aetherAI work?

aetherAI's product portfolio development follows a two-pronged approach:

Step 1 : Establishing Whole-Slide Image Solutions as the norm for common pathologies to enable smooth AI workflow integration. 

Step 2: Utilizing AI-Microscope to perform high-resolution imaging and arduous manual moving during medical examinations; this expedites the procedure by simply taking the images required for diagnosis.

What are the pros and cons of  aetherAI?

Pros of aetherAI

  • Improved pathologist efficiency.
  • Enhanced diagnostic accuracy.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Wider range of applications.
  • Supports digital pathology transformation.

Cons of aetherAI

  • Cost.
  • Limited transparency.
  • Job displacement.
  • Regulatory hurdles.
  • Data privacy

  • Quality control.
  • Case triaging.
  • Differential cell counting.
  • IHC quantification.
  • Whole-slide image (WSI) analysis.
  • Biopharma service.
  • Medical image AI adoption.
  • Digital pathology transformation.

  • aetherAI pricing plans are custom.

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of aetherAI?

aetherAI pricing plans are custom.

How does aetherAI protect patient data privacy?

The security precautions implemented by aetherAI ensure the privacy of patients data.

When was aetherAI founded?

aetherAI was founded in October 2015.

What is aetherAI?

AetherAI is a company developing AI-powered digital pathology solutions to assist pathologists in diagnosis and improve efficiency.

Where is aetherAI headquartered?

aetherAI is headquartered in Taiwan.

What are the top alternatives to aetherAI?

The top alternatives to aetherAI are Overjet,, and Lunit.

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