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What are the key features of Dub.co?

  • Advanced analytics.
  • QR codes.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Branded links.
  • Personalization.
  • API.
  • Custom social media cards.
  • Password protected links.
  • Link expiration.
  • Link cloaking.
  • Device targeting.
  • Geo targeting.
  • Email and chat support.
  • Custom branding.
  • Dedicated success manager.
  • Audit logs.
  • Custom SLA.
  • Role-based access controls.
  • Root domain redirect.
  • Teammates.
  • Tags.
  • UTM builder.
  • Bulk shortening.
  • Link redirects.
  • Analytics retention.
  • Tracked clicks.
  • Link clicks.
  • Short links.

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What is Dub.co ?

Dub.co is an open-source link management infrastructure for modern marketing teams. With Dub.co, you can create short links, track clicks, and get analytics on your links. You can also personalize your short links and collaborate with your team.

Dub.co Review: Open-Source Link Management for Marketers in 2024

.Dub.co: Your All-in-One Link Management Platform

What are the use cases of Dub.co?

  • Shorten links.
  • Track clicks.
  • Generate QR codes.
  • Create custom UTM codes.
  • Personalize short links.
  • Implement custom SLAs.
  • Offer custom landing pages for QR code scans.
  • Generate custom social media cards.

How much does Dub.co cost?

  • Dub.co offers both free and paid plans.
  • The Dub.co Pro plan costs $19 per month.
  • The Dub.co Business plan costs $49 per month.
  • The Dub.co Enterprise plan is custom.

What are the pros and cons of Dub.co?

Pros of Dub.co

  • Open-source and generous limits.
  • Powerful analytics.
  • Customization.
  • Team collaboration features.
  • Password protection.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Integrations.
  • Customer support.

Cons of Dub.co

  • Newer platform.
  • Cost.
  • Requires technical expertise.

What are the tools available in Dub.co?

  • Spotify link shortener.
  • ChatGPT link shortener.
  • GitHub link shortener.
  • Amazon link shortener.
  • Metatags API.
  • Link inspector.
  • QR code API.
  • UTM builder.

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  • Free plan available. Paid plans start at $19 per month. Enterprise plans are custom priced.

faqs icon for ai toolsDub.co FAQ's

What is Dub.co?

An open-source link management tool for modern marketing teams.

Is Dub.co free?

Yes, it has a free plan with generous limits. Paid plans offer more features.

What are some of Dub.co's features?

Advanced analytics, QR code generation, team collaboration, branded links, and customization options.

What can I do with Dub.co?

Shorten links, track clicks, personalize links, create custom UTM codes, and generate QR codes.

Is Dub.co user-friendly?

Yes, it's known for its intuitive interface.

Does Dub.co integrate with other tools?

Yes, it integrates with popular marketing tools.

Who uses Dub.co?

Companies like Framer, Raycast, and Perplexity.

Does Dub.co offer customer support?

Yes, email and chat support are available. Paid plans offer dedicated success managers.

Is Dub.co a good fit for small businesses?

Yes, the free plan and generous limits make it attractive for startups.

What are the downsides of Dub.co?

Being open-source might require some technical knowledge for advanced features. It's also a newer platform compared to some competitors.

Does Dub.co offer password protection for links?

Yes, you can password-protect sensitive links.

Can link access be restricted based on location?

Yes, Dub.co allows geo-targeting for links.

Does Dub.co offer custom social media cards?

Yes, you can create custom cards to enhance campaigns.

Can I track clicks on my shortened links?

Yes, Dub.co provides click tracking for analytics.

What are UTM codes and how can I create them with Dub.co?

UTM codes track marketing campaign data. Dub.co has a UTM builder tool.

Does Dub.co offer bulk link shortening?

Yes, you can shorten multiple links at once.

Can I set expiration dates for my shortened links?

Yes, Dub.co allows link expiration for time-sensitive content.

What are some tools available in Dub.co?

Examples include link shorteners for Spotify, ChatGPT, and Amazon, and a UTM builder.

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