Otter AI

Otter makes business meetings more productive and collaborative. It automatically records audio and meeting notes in real-time. Otter AI works with popular video conferencing Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Otter AI automatically creates a meeting summary and automatically emails the summary to all meeting participants. Otter Pilot automatically extracts sales insights from calls, generates follow-up emails, pushes call notes and sale insights to CRM like Salesforce and Hubspot, and sales coaching. Otter AI captures lectures and class discussions in real-time. Students with hearing impairment or learning disabilities can rely on Otter's real-time captions and notes. 

Key features of Otter AI

Otter AI for Business:

  • Helps employees to focus on active participation in team meetings and decision-making.
  • Provides real-time captions and meeting notes.
  • It captures meetings and conversations, which can be valuable for future reference.

Otter AI for Sales:

  • Extract Sales Insights and improve the sales process.
  • Generate follow-up emails.
  • Push call notes and Sales Insights to Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • Sales coaching to reps.
  • Boosting productivity and efficiency
  • Meeting automation
  • Improved task management

Otter AI for Media:

  • Creating compelling stories for the media.
  • Accurately capture audio.
  • Seamless collaboration.
  • Time-saving automation.

Otter AI for Education:

  • Real-time note-taking.
  • Enhanced review and study.
  • Improved focus and participation.
  • Allowing teachers to improve teaching methods for better comprehension.
  • Effortless lecture capture.
  • Share the transcripts with students so they can study together,share what they know, and work together on learning activities.




  • Meetings and team collaboration.
  • Interviews and hiring.
  • Customer interactions.
  • Training and onboarding.
  • Research and development.
  • Customer feedback and insights.
  • Compliance and risk management.
  • Push call notes and insights to CRM.
  • Real-time transcription.
  • Collaboration and reps coaching.
  • Media interview transcription and content creation.
  • Podcast production.
  • Video editing.
  • Social media content creation.
  • Legal documentation and compliance.
  • One-on-one tutoring sessions for student review and tracking progress.
  • Accessibility for students with disabilities.
  • Lecture capture and note-taking (for students).
  • Study and review lectures (for students).
  • Group projects and collaboration (for students).
  • Language learning support (for students).
  • Lecture capture and sharing (for teachers).
  • Collaborative learning (for teachers).
  • Professional development (for teachers).

  • Otter AI has Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans.
  • The Basic Plan is Free.
  • Pro Plan: $10/month
  • Business Plan: $20/month
  • For enterprise plans, you can schedule a demo with Team Otter AI.

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