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What are the key features of Mitra?

  • Fall prevention and detection.
  • Curated videos.
  • Monitoring and alerts.
  • Health and wellness.
  • Exercise tracking.
  • Family connect.
  • Conversation.
  • Cognitive games.

Meet Mitra Robot - The Future of Longevity Care!  (Source : Youtube Channel : Invento Makespaces)

What is mitra and what does it do?

Mitra is a robotic avatar designed to be a companion for senior citizens . It uses social intelligence and combines cutting edge technologies like computer vision, NLP, autonomous navigation etc. Mitra robot can monitor a senior's health, detect falls, and provide companionship.

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Deep Learning Meets Senior Care: How Mitra Uses AI for Actionable Insights

What are the use cases of Mitra?

  • Corporate.
  • Healthcare.
  • Retail.
  • Events.
  • Senior care.
  • Fun and entertainment.
  • Face recognition.
  • Fleet management.

What are the pros and cons of Mitra?

Pros of Mitra

  • Reduced emergency response time through fall detection.
  • Monitoring patterns, gestures and conditions.
  • Providing companionship and conversation.
  • Offering features like video calls, memory sharing, messaging, and games.
  • Tracking health data and providing reminders for a healthy lifestyle.
  • 24/7 remote care.
  • Night patrol.

Cons of Mitra

  • Cost.
  • Technical dependence.
  • Over-reliance on technology.
  • Emotional connection limitations.

The Technology 

  • Pattern recognition.
  • Autonomous navigation.
  • AI and ML.

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  • Invento pricing plans are custom.

faqs icon for ai toolsInvento FAQ's

What is Mitra?

A robotic companion designed by Invento to assist senior care.

What does Mitra do?

Monitors health, provides companionship, and offers entertainment for seniors.

Can Mitra prevent falls?

Yes, it can detect falls and alert caregivers.

Does Mitra play videos?

Yes, it offers curated videos for entertainment.

Can Mitra monitor health?

Yes, it tracks health data and alerts for criticalities.

Does Mitra help with exercise?

Yes, it can track exercise routines.

Can Mitra connect families?

Yes, it facilitates video calls and messaging with family.

Can I talk to Mitra?

Yes, Mitra can hold conversations with seniors.

Does Mitra offer games?

Yes, it provides cognitive games for mental stimulation.

Where can Mitra be used?

Primarily in senior care facilities.

Can Mitra be used in other places?

Corporate, healthcare, and retail use.

Is Mitra for entertainment?

Yes, it offers games, videos, and music for enjoyment.

Does Mitra recognize faces?

Yes, facial recognition is a potential feature.

What are the benefits of Mitra?

Faster fall response, companionship, health monitoring, and family connection.

What are the drawbacks of Mitra?

High cost, technical dependence, and limited emotional connection compared to humans.

How much does Mitra cost?

The pricing is customized.

What technology does Mitra use?

Pattern recognition, autonomous navigation, and AI/ML.

How does Mitra move around?

It uses autonomous navigation to move safely.

Can I learn more about Mitra?

Yes, visit the Invento Robotics website.

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