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What are the features of GeoSpy?

  • Geo-estimation.
  • Location prediction.
  • Identifying background details.
  • Time-based analysis.
  • Identifying environmental details.
  • Batch processing.
  • API available.

What are the use cases of GeoSpy Pro?
Law enforcement

  • Identifying crime scene locations.
  • Tracking missing persons.
  • Investigating online threats.


  • Verifying user-generated content.
  • Investigative reporting.

Government agencies

  • Monitoring border security.
  • Disaster response.


  • Missing Person Investigations.
  • Crime Scene Investigation.

GeoSpy will find you with a single photo and AI!  (Source : Youtube Channel : Flipped Classroom Tutorials )

What are the pros and cons of GeoSpy?

Pros of GeoSpy

  • Enhanced location analysis.
  • Faster processing.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Verification tool.
  • Broad applications.

Cons of GeoSpy

  • Limited access.
  • Accuracy dependence.
  • Human expertise is still crucial.
  • Privacy concerns.
  • Cost.

How does GeoSPy Pro work?

Step 1: Collect and import massive amounts of pictures for batch processing. Photos are processed in seconds.

Step 2: Learn important insights from your data, such as outliers, patterns, and features.

Step 3: Determine the when, where, and why hidden inside pixels.

What can GeoSpy Pro do?

  • Pinpoint locations from photos.
  • Analyze background details in photos for clues.
  • Track changes in locations over time through multiple photos.
  • Quickly process large amounts of photos.

GeoSpy Pro: Unlock Hidden Locations & Track Changes in Photos (AI-Powered)

Step1 : Upload your Image/ Take a photo

Become a Location Detective: Mastering Photo Forensics with GeoSpy Pro

Step2 : Get the Photo Geolocation results in map

Uncover Hidden Clues in Photos: Unveiling the Power of GeoSpy Pro

In the above screenshot, we have uploaded an image of an iPhone. The results show details of the country and state where the image was taken, estimated coordinate details, and an explanation of the image along with an output on the map.

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  • GeoSpy offers both free and paid plans.
  • GeoSpy Pro usage plan is custom.

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What is GeoSpy?

GeoSpy is an AI technology specializing in geo-estimation and location prediction.

What is GeoSpy Pro?

GeoSpy Pro is an advanced version of GeoSpy exclusively available to authorized personnel like law enforcement, investigators, journalists, and government agencies.

How much does GeoSpy cost?

GeoSpy Pro pricing plan is custom.

Is GeoSpy free to use?

Yes, GeoSpy offers a free plan for users.

What file formats does GeoSpy Pro support?

Common image formats like JPEG, PNG, and TIFF are likely supported by GeoSpy Pro.

What are some alternatives to GeoSpy?

Some alternatives to GeoSpy are Google Cloud Vision API and Amazon Rekognition.

Who can use GeoSpy Pro?

GeoSpy Pro is restricted to authorized users such as law enforcement, investigators, journalists, and government agencies.

Is GeoSpy Pro accurate?

GeoSpy Pro's accuracy depends on the quality of the photos and the availability of relevant data for its AI.

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