What are the features of Asseter.Ai?

Import and Onboarding

  • Computer-aided import.
  • DCC software integrations.
  • Automatic preview generation.
  • Waiting room.
  • Import filters.
  • Drag-n-drop uploading.
  • Importing from CSV.


  • Asset types, categories, and sub-categories.
  • Tagging.
  • NAS Storage.
  • Custom asset attributes.
  • Collections.
  • Favorites.
  • Custom lists.
  • File sequences support.
  • External asset sharing.

Tools for Quick Tagging

  • AI tagging.
  • AI categorization.
  • Automatic tagging by metadata.
  • Suggested tags.
  • Batch tagging.


  • Lightning-fast search.
  • Search by keywords.
  • Search by custom attributes.
  • AND/OR operators.
  • Saved search.
  • Filtering by asset type, category, and sub-category.
  • Powerful filtering by metadata.
  • Dominant color search.
  • AI search similar.
  • AI picture-based search.
  • AI picture assembler.


  • Quickly preview 100+ media formats.
  • Video previews.
  • Cursor slide previews.
  • Multiple previews.
  • 3D model preview.
  • HDRI preview.
  • Documents preview.


  • Powerful statistics engine.
  • Summary.
  • Popular assets.
  • Popular search tags.
  • Users activity.
  • Activity for each asset.
  • Custom reports.
  • Dashboards.
  • CSV and PDF export.

Security and Authorization

  • Fast and bulletproof PostgreSQL database on the backend.
  • Granular asset permissions.
  • Asset expiration date.
  • Asset usage tracking.
  • Easy security management.
  • Easy role management.
  • Active directory integration.
  • Google Suite integration.
  • Single sign-on.


  • 3D software integration.
  • Adobe CC integration.
  • Nuke integration.
  • Cloud drives integration.
  • Production tracking systems integration.


  • Python API.
  • Documentation and tutorials.
  • GitHub repository.

Platform or Deployment

  • Available as a cloud and on-premises installation.
  • Super easy deployment.
  • Super easy client updates.
  • Local installation.
  • All platforms are supported.
  • Server-state monitoring dashboard.
  • External access.
  • Low learning curve for users.

Introducing - Digital asset management system for content creators  (Source : Youtube Channel : Asseter - CG Assets Library)

Revolutionize Asset Management: Explore, Organize, and Streamline with Asseter

Seamlessly Send Assets Directly to Your Software

What are the use cases of Asseter.Ai?

  • Saves time and effort in tight deadlines by reusing existing digital assets.
  • Speeds up the pitching and bidding process.
  • Helps never lose previously created creatives.
  • Saves time and effort by reusing and recycling previously created creatives.
  • Helps find R&D tests and assets quickly.
  • Stores inspirational content.
  • Speeds up the finishing process.
  • Saves time on set by having all VP scenes and environments ready.
  • Delivers flexibility to the Director.
  • Streamlines the pitch process.
  • Saves time on stock footage.
  • Creates and stores templates.
  • Improves work efficiency by reusing similar assets.
  • Speeds up level assembly.
  • Creates and stores animation libraries.
  • Breaks down communication barriers.
  • Improves team collaboration.
  • Saves time and effort by reusing existing digital assets.
  • Builds presentation template libraries.
  • Automates file format conversion.
  • Improves sharing experiences.
  • Speeds up environment building.
  • Saves time and effort by reusing existing digital assets.
  • Stores inspirational content.
  • Finds 3D models, textures, scans, HDRIs, footage, and procedural generators.
  • Cuts production costs.
  • Helps find assets quickly.
  • Handles complex Computer Graphics data.
  • Creates a library of logos.
  • Allows for customization, structure, and flexibility.

What are the pros and cons of Asseter.Ai?

Pros of Asseter.Ai

  • Integrates with many DCC tools.
  • Allows you to find assets quickly.
  • Saves you time by reusing assets.
  • Helps you organize your assets.
  • Creates previews automatically.
  • Stores a variety of file formats.
  • Finds 3D models by picture.
  • Discovers free assets.
  • Web-based interface.
  • Offers a free trial.
  • Has an AI-powered asset importer.
  • Offers cloud or self-hosted storage.
  • Includes a 3D player.
  • Converts files automatically.
  • Offers one-click asset import.

Cons of Asseter.Ai

  • Mobile app is not yet available.
  • Does not come populated with assets.
  • Limited trial version.

How much does Asseter.Ai cost?

  • Asseter.Ai offers a free trial for its paid plan.
  • The Asseter.Ai starter plan costs $10 per user per month.
  • The Asseter.Ai team plan costs $20 per user per month.
  • The Asseter.Ai enterprise plan is custom.

Who can use Asseter.Ai?

Motion Design Studios

  • Save time and effort in tight deadlines.
  • Never lose previously created creatives.
  • Speed up your pitching and bidding process.
  • Transform your never-used "Library" folder into a powerful speed-up tool.
  • Never miss a single reference.
  • Have all your RnD's in just a few clicks away.

VFX Studios

  • Empower animators with the Mocap library.
  • Build your procedural assets library.
  • Speed up your finishing process.
  • Make crunches easier by reusing and recycling.
  • Transform your never-used "Library" folder into a powerful speed-up tool.

Virtual Production Studios

  • Save your time on set.
  • Store all your lens files and calibration data.
  • Build your Virtual Decorations library.
  • Streamline your pitch process.

TV Channels

  • Speed up your production process.
  • Create your Templates library.
  • Never miss a stock footage.
  • Store different promo variations.
  • Categorize and access your graphic elements quickly.

GameDev Studios

  • Improve searching.
  • Reduce animation pain.
  • Streamline assets exchange with third-party vendors and clients.
  • Speed up your level assembly process.
  • Never miss an FX.
  • Transform your never-used "Library" folder into a powerful speed-up tool.
  • Break your communication barrier.

Marketing and Adv Agencies

  • Link all brand materials to a specific client and campaign.
  • Easily find previously created concepts.
  • Improve your pitching and bidding workflow.
  • Build your presentation template library.
  • Improve your sharing experience.
  • Automate file format conversion.
  • Kill the crunch chaos.

ArchViz STudios

  • Make crunch times less stressful by reusing and recycling.
  • Never miss a single reference.
  • Build a library of logos.

CG Freelancers

  • Improve your work efficiency.
  • Never lose previously created creatives.
  • Speed up your pitching and bidding process.
  • Transform your seldom-used "Library" folder into a powerful speed-up tool.
  • Never miss a single reference.
  • Have all your RnDs just a few clicks away.

Asseter.Ai Alternatives

  • Damiani 
  • Dropbox 
  • Adobe Bridge
  • FileMaker Pro 

  • Asseter.Ai Paid plans start at $10 per user per month.

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

What is Asseter.Ai?

Asseter.Ai is a software program designed to help CG artists manage their digital assets. It uses AI to categorize, tag, and search for assets quickly and easily.

Does Asseter.Ai have a mobile app?

No, Asseter.Ai currently does not have a mobile app.

Does Asseter.Ai integrate with any 3D software?

Yes, Asseter.Ai integrates with many popular 3D software programs like Cinema 4D and Houdini.

Can Asseter.Ai search for assets using pictures?

Yes, Asseter.Ai offers an AI-powered picture search feature to find similar assets based on an image.

Does Asseter.Ai automatically generate previews for assets?

Yes, Asseter.Ai can automatically generate previews for various media formats.

Can I share assets with others using Asseter.Ai?

Yes, Asseter.Ai offers functionalities for sharing assets with others.

Is Asseter.Ai secure for storing sensitive assets?

Asseter.Ai claims to use a secure database.

Does Asseter.Ai offer any reporting features?

Yes, Asseter.Ai includes a statistics engine for generating reports on asset usage and user activity.

Can I install Asseter.Ai on my own server?

Yes, Asseter.Ai offers both cloud-based and self-hosted deployment options.

Is Asseter.Ai easy to learn and use?

Asseter.AI has a user-friendly interface with a low learning curve. 

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