Art Recognition

What is art recognition?
Art Recognition, an award-winning AI system, identifies the authenticity of an artwork from a picture. Art Recognition AI provides 100% objective and unbiased results in a matter of days. AI art recognition provides a data-driven, rapid, and precise evaluation of artwork authenticity, regardless of its location.

How does art recognition identify an artwork using AI?

Art Recognition has an in-house database with a vast collection of artworks. It collects high-quality images of real artwork and also keeps fake artwork. Art Recognition creates different versions of artworks by changing their brightness, color, and contrast. This helps the AI learn the best and most important parts of the artwork, no matter how the image was taken. The AI compares the learned features in the image of the artwork and provides an unbiased, data-backed assessment of the authenticity of the artwork.

How does Art Recognition AI technology work?
Step1: Data collection and pre-processing

 a vast collection of training images of artworks
Step2: Training the AI

Training the AI
Step3: Testing the algorithm’s precision.

Testing the algorithm’s precision
Step4: Authenticating your artwork

unbiased, data-backed AI assessment of authenticity for your artwork

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