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AI is becoming very powerful everyday and has changed the course of education in many ways. We do have great opportunities as well as challenges while using it. AI is empowering education from schools to colleges, but only a few percentages of schools and universities are utilizing AI for formal guidance (Source: Global Survey organized by UNESCO).

Striking a Balance: Leveraging AI in Education for Enhanced Learning, Cautionary Measures, and Solutions

AI can be helpful in many ways for both teachers and students. There is a cautionary note that some students may become overly reliant on AI technology.

"How can we solve this problem?"

The teachers must receive formal guidance on AI technology so that they can guide students effectively. Teachers can design assignments that require student effort with the support of artificial intelligence tools. For example, the student should be given a prompt and teach them how to evaluate the credibility of information found online, including AI-generated content. This strategy will help the students to improve their research skills. In similar ways, teachers can tech students with the support of AI.

How will AI help students improve their learning skills?

  • AI can analyze student performance, learning styles, preferences and helps in personalized learning.
  • Virtual Assistants and Chatbots can provide instant support and answer student questions 24/7.
  • AI integrated gamified lessons make learning more engaging and promote skill development.
  • AI helps students plan study schedules based on their goals and preferences.
  • AI can be a helpful companion for learning new languages.

Can AI enhance teaching methods for educators effectively?
Yes,it can, for sure! As mentioned earlier, AI can analyze student performance, individual progress, and class performance. This will help teachers provide an educational path for each student. If a student is struggling with certain lessons, teachers can easily identify the difficulties they are facing using AI. AI-enabled grading systems help teachers save time and engage in more valuable interactions with students.

Randi Weingarten, leader of the American Federation of Teachers union, emphasizes the transformative impact of generative AI and ChatGPT, stating that they are revolutionary technologies that require careful safeguarding and regulation.


Teachers prepare for AI in the classroom . (Source : Youtube Channel : ABC News)

What are the top AI tools for education?
Let see some of the powerful AI tools in education niche. Explore Toolkitly's tool section for additional information about the tools mentioned below.

AI in the Classroom: 28 Game-Changing Tools for Educators & Students

  • Grammarly
  • Notion
  • Syntea
  • Gradescope
  • Copyscape
  • DALL-E
  • Team-GPT
  • Fetchy
  • Consensus
  • Querium
  • Knowji
  • Carnegie Learning
  • Plaito
  • Canva
  • Beautiful AI
  • Copilot Education
  • Canva Classroom Magic
  • AudioPen
  • Canva Magic Write
  • Curipod
  • Eduaide.Ai
  • OpenAI
  • Quizizz
  • Slidesgo


AI is transforming education, bringing exciting opportunities and challenges. While only a few schools use AI, its potential is enormous. Teachers need guidance to blend AI into assignments, fostering critical thinking. For students, AI means personalized learning, fun lessons, and schedule help. Used wisely, AI becomes an invaluable educational companion. Check Toolkitly for more on tools like Grammarly and Notion.

Frequently asked questions

What is the role of AI in education?

AI can personalize learning and enhance teaching methods by analyzing student performance individually to provide targeted support and improve learning outcomes. . It also helps the teachers to reduce their work and make their teachings more interactive.

What AI helps in education?

AI tools that help in education include Quillbot, Grammarly, Notion, Chat-GPT, Perplexity AI, Caktus AI, Gradescope, Syntea, DALL-E, and Mendeley. Check out the Education Tool section on Toolkitly for an even greater selection of tools.

How can AI be used in the classroom?

AI bots can be useful in real time note taking, collaborative learning, personalized learning.

Why is AI important in higher education?

AI tools can play a handy role in higher education as it enhances students research capability, reduces dropout rates, fosters critical thinking skills.

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