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What is Yodayo AI?

Yodayo is an AI-powered creative platform for anime fans. With Yodayo, you can create anime characters and chat with them. Additionally, you can generate AI art and models using the Yodayo AI platform. Yodayo App is a social community hub for anime fans. The Yodayo app has more than 100k downloads in the Google Play Store.

The Yodayo app is available on the Google Play Store : Click here to download Yodayo App.

Unleash Your Anime Creativity: AI Art & Community at Yodayo (Free!)

Level Up Your Anime Fan Art: Yodayo's AI Image Generation & Chatbots

What are the key features of Yodayo AI?

  • Explore AI Art: This feature allows users to generate AI-powered images based on their input.
  • Visit the Tavern: A community space for users to chat, share their creations, and participate in contests.
  • Use the Guides: These guides provide tutorials and tips on how to use Yodayo's different features.
  • Discover fan art for your favourite anime characters.
  • Create your own fan art with AI.
  • 10,000+ Art styles.
  • Personalize your Chatbot
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Like and share your art collections
  • Android App available on the google playstore.
  • Available on Discord

Create Your Character Chatbot With Yodayo Tavern In 10 Steps.(Source : Youtube Channel : Yodayo AI)

How to create a character for Yodayo's Tavern?

You can use Yopilot to create a character by filling out the Name, Description, and Gender fields. The remaining details will be generated automatically based on the preferences you set.

Step 1: Fill out the Name, Description, and Gender fields, then click the "Generate With Yopilot" button.

Yodayo App Character generation

Step 2: Describe the character's persona, First Message, and optionally, include Scenario and Example Dialogue. Click "Next" to proceed.

Yodayo App - Yodayo Traven character generation

Step 3: Upload images, select categories, and activate the advanced section for setting up configuration files, system presets, and parameters presets if necessary.

Advanced section for setting up Configuration files, System Presets, and Parameters Presets

Advance Settings-Yodayo travern

Step 4: Upload the character's profile picture and set the background image.

Yodayo character's profile picture

Step 5: Preview the image and choose whether to make it Public or Private.

Preview the image and choose whether to make it Public or Private.

Step 6: Finally, publish the character.

Yodayo Character generation

Yodayo Advanced Character Creator Guide : Click here

How to generate AI Art with Yodayo?

Generating AI art with Yodayo is simple. Just enter your prompt and click the generate button. Within seconds, it will create the art for you. Here's an example prompt I used with Yodayo:

Yodayo AI art

Prompt :  "Create a beautiful picture of a princess"

Result - Yodayo Generated Picture

Yodayo character


  • Users can create fan art and chat with beloved characters in seconds.
  • The User-friendly interface allows the vTubers and anime fans to generate high-quality anime-style art in seconds.
  • Able to create custom designs.
  • Has an AI picture-generation tool and AI chatbots.
  • Users appreciate the ability to choose their response length, providing flexibility in crafting narratives.
  • Despite artistic challenges, Yodayo easy to use and understand, praising its simplicity and generous free and purchase options
  • The app has evolved positively over time, with ongoing updates and improvements, earning praise for its progress and overall quality.
  • Available on Discord Social Platform.
  • One of the best AI image generator apps with functionalities like long-bit memory, deep customization, anime and realistic images, and NSFW options.
  • The Yodayo App is available on Google Playstore.
  • 10000+ art styles available on Yodayo.
  • Delivers creative AI Responses
  • Engaging scenarios and characters make users feel great.
  • Residual memory issues persist, causing artifacts in generated images.
  • Despite various modifications (changing prompts, switching models), artifacts from previous prompts persist, leading to frustration.
  • The app stands out for its unique features, but some users report concerns about AI-generated art potentially resembling or borrowing from other artists.
  • Allows NFSW(18+) content.
  • Repetitive Responses.
  • AI frequently forgets settings and past messages.
  • Slow Response Time

  • Free plan with low priority image generation up to 150 daily beans.
  • Tavern Enjoyer plan - $5.99/month with unlimited chatting
  • Pro Yodachi - $9.99/month with unlimited chatting and extra 3000 monthly beans.
  • Super Yodachi - $19.99/month unlimited chatting and unlimited high priority image generation
  • Ultimate Yodachi - $39.99/month with unlimited chatting, unlimited high priority image generation, and annual swag gift.

faqs icon for ai tools  Frequently asked questions

Is Yodayo AI free?

Yodayo has a freemium pricing plan. Pricing starts at $5.99 per month.

How to use the Yodayo image generator?

Users can input prompts to generate high-quality anime art.

What is Yodayo Tavern?

Yodayo Travern is a community space where users can chat, share their creations, and participate in contests.

What is the free alternative to Yodayo?

Waifulabs AI is one of the best alternatives to Yodayao.

Does Yodayo have an App?

Yes. The Yodayo app is available on the Google Play Store.

Does Yodayo AI allow 18+ (NFSW) content?

Yes. Yodayo AI allows explicit content.

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