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What is PaddleBoat?

With PaddleBoat, companies can make custom voice-bots for real-life sales in moments and get on-demand roleplay. PaddleBoat offers sales reps real, thorough feedback, making it possible for managers to spend their time coaching their team. It automates call feedback, allows teams to learn from what they are exemplary at and what they are not, and transforms playbooks into interactive onboarding and training.

Crush Cold Calls & Master Sales Pitches with AI Roleplays (PaddleBoat)

Free Sales Training! Perfect Your Pitch with PaddleBoat's AI Roleplays

What are the key features of PaddleBoat?

  • AI roleplays.
  • AI-powered quiz creation.
  • Gamification. 
  • QuicKraft.
  • Automated call feedback.
  • Course creation.
  • Powerful content creation tools.
  • Customization.

Product Walkthrough AI Roleplay Feature  (Source : Youtube Channel : PaddleBoat)

What are the use cases of PaddleBoat?

  • Sales training.
  • Preparing for specific sales calls.
  • Eliminating dial anxiety.
  • Developing communication skills.
  • Onboarding new hires.
  • Ongoing sales development.

What are the pros and cons of PaddleBoat?

Pros of PaddleBoat

  • Realistic AI roleplays.
  • Improved sales skills.
  • Reduced dial anxiety.
  • Content creation tools.
  • Automated feedback.

Cons of PaddleBoat

  • Cost.
  • Over-reliance on AI.
  • Limited scope.

What is Quickraft?

QuicKraft is a tool that reads PDFs and creates personalized quizzes to assess comprehension of learning content, transforming any URL into a course in just minutes.

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  • The PaddleBoat pricing plans are custom.

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What do sales reps do with PaddleBoat?

Practice sales pitches with AI roleplays and get feedback.

Does PaddleBoat replace sales managers?

No, it frees them up for coaching by handling practice and feedback.

What kind of feedback does PaddleBoat offer?

Automated feedback on strengths and weaknesses in calls.

What kind of content can be created with PaddleBoat?

Courses, wikis, and interactive sales training videos.

Is PaddleBoat customizable?

Yes, you can create custom AI voice-bots for sales scenarios.

What are some uses of PaddleBoat?

Sales training, onboarding new hires, and ongoing sales development.

Does PaddleBoat have quizzes?

Yes, it allows creation of AI-powered quizzes.

Does PaddleBoat use games to motivate learning?

Yes, it uses gamification features to make training engaging.

Is PaddleBoat free?

No, pricing plans are customized.

How much does PaddleBoat cost?

PaddleBoat pricing plans are custom.

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