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What is Clipdrop?
Clipdrop is an AI-powered visual creation toolkit by Jasper AI. Clipdrop works across various software platforms like Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and mobile apps.

How does work?
Clipdrop uses various AI algorithms to complete a variety of tasks, including background removal, image upscale, swapping, removing text, and many more features.

What tools does offer?

  • Cleanup
  • Image upscaler
  • Relight
  • Remove background
  • Replace background
  • Reimagine XL
  • Sky replacer
  • Swap
  • Generative FillNew
  • SDXL Turbo
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Sketch to Image
  • Text remover

Can ClipDrop's AI Features Enhance My Visual Content Creation Workflow?

Absolutely, ClipDrop's AI features have the potential to significantly enhance your visual content creation workflow. provides a vast collection of visual creation tools powered by artificial intelligence. The Clipdrop Visual Creation Toolkit includes the following premium AI tools that are useful for image editing. You can click, paste, or drop your image file to edit using the file upload option provided on the Clipdrop AI website. Example templates for each tool available on the Clipdrop website will help you better understand all the AI image editing tools offered by Clipdrop.

To edit images or use any tools from the list below, you can click, paste, or drop your file onto the drag-and-drop interface provided on the Clipdrop website.

Clipdrop - Drag and Drop interface

Here are some AI-powered tools offered by Clipdrop to save time and effort:

1) Clipdrop Generative Fill

Have you ever dreamt of turning your picture into a fantastical movie scene? Yes, Clipdrop Generative Fill can do that. This AI tool can help you replace, remove, and fix elements in your photo. This free AI-powered tool can remove unwanted objects, replace the background, inpaint missing areas, and create fantastical elements. This tool is ideal for artists, creators, filmmakers, photographers, and enthusiasts who embrace the concept of art and need to provide a cinematic effect to their images.

Clipdrop Generative FIll

2) Clipdrop Swap

Clipdrop Swap allows you to easily swap faces with celebrities, friends, family, or even historical figures for humorous results.

Clipdrop Swap

3) Clipdrop Replace Background

Clipdrop Replace Background tool can help you replace backgrounds with any image you can imagine - landscapes, cityscapes, product mockups, and more.

Clipdrop Replace Background

4) Clipdrop Remove Background V2

The Clipdrop Remove Background tool can remove backgrounds with a click. This AI tool is perfect for creating clean product images or stunning portraits.

Clipdrop Remove Background

5) Clipdrop Cleanup

Clipdrop Cleanup allows you to erase imperfections, objects, or even people from photos in seconds. Clipdrop Cleanup helps photographers, realtors, creative agencies, and e-commerce businesses remove blemishes, timestamps, clutter, and distractions. This tool ensures flawless prints, captivating listings, stunning visuals, and perfect product images.

Clipdrop Cleanup

6) Clipdrop Uncrop

Clipdrop's Uncrop tool allows you to extend the background or add more content to your photos. The Uncrop AI tool is useful for professional artists and casual users who want to create panoramic landscapes or give their portraits more space.

 Clipdrop Uncrop

7) Clipdrop Image Upscaler

Clipdrop's Image Upscaler makes your grainy photos sharper, clearer, and higher quality. It also removes noise from compressed images and gives you professional results in seconds. Clipdrop's Image Upscaler tool can be useful for anyone who wants to enhance old photos or screenshots without using complicated editing tools.

Clipdrop Image Upscaler

8) Stable Doodle (Clipdrop Sketch to Image)

Clipdrop Stable Doodle can convert the any kind of drawing of any one to stunning visuals. Clipdrop's sketch to image tool helps everyone get into creative design by sketching ideas and creating beautiful images.

Clipdrop Sketch to Image

9) Reimagine XL

The Clipdrop Reimagine XL AI tool helps generate multiple variants of an image using Stable Diffusion. Reimagine is perfect for beginners and pros.

 Reimagine XL

10) Clipdrop Relight

The Clipdrop Relight AI tool enhances image lighting with beautiful effects.

Clipdrop Relight

11) Sky Replacer

The Clipdrop Sky Replacer AI tool instantly changes gray skies to blue with a single click.

Sky Replacer

12) Clipdrop Text Remover

The Clipdrop Text Remover AI tool removes text from images while preserving headings.

Text Remover.

Unleash Clipdrop's AI Image Processing Power: Developers & Creatives


Clipdrop API offers a vast collection of state-of-the-art image processing AI tools that can help you integrate them into your products. The features like Text Inpainting and Uncrop, you can effortlessly transform your images to suit your needs. Whether you are a professional photographer , artist, graphic designer or casual user you can make use of Clipdrop API can provide the solutions that fits for you.

What are the use cases of Clipdrop AI?

  • Architectural Visualization
  • Educational and Training Materials
  • Fashion and Textile Design
  • Graphic Design and Digital Art
  • Interior Design and Home Decor
  • Photography and Image Editing
  • Product Design and Prototyping
  • Virtual Mood Boards
  • Social Media visual content creation

What are the Pros & Cons of Clipdrop AI?

Pros of Clipdrop AI

  • Innovative Technology
  • Ease of Use
  • Accessibility
  • Convenient and Fast
  • Creative visual Tools

Cons of Clipdrop AI

  • Performance Issues
  • Concerns about customer support
  • Account Access Problems
  • Limited Use Cases
  • Subscription Concerns

What are the pricing options for

Clipdrop AI offers free and pro pricing plans.

Clipdrop Free Plan

  • Generative Fill (20 uses/day)
  • Stable Diffusion Turbo (watermark, 20 uses/day)
  • Swap (watermark, 50 uses/day)
  • Background Removal (20 uses/day)
  • Image Upscaler x2 (20 uses/day)
  • Cleanup (20 uses/day)
  • Relight (20 uses/day)
  • Sky Replacer (watermark, 50 uses/day)
  • Text Remover (50 uses/day)
  • Reimagine XL (20 uses/day)

Clip Drop Pro Plan

Monthly : 1350₹per month

Yearly : 1004₹ per month

Skip Queue Stable Diffusion:

  • SD3: 40 uses/day
  • SDXL: 1000 uses/day

Fast Queue Generative Fill: 1000 uses/day
Stable Diffusion Turbo:

  • 3000 uses/day

Skip Queue Uncrop:

  • 1000 uses/day

Skip Queue Swap:

  • 1000 uses/day

High-Resolution Tools:

  • Background Removal: 1000 uses/day

Image Upscaler x16:

  • Smooth: 1000 uses/day
  • Detailed: 10 uses/day

Sketch to Image: 1000 uses/day

  • Cleanup: 1000 uses/day
  • Relight: 1000 uses/day

Sky Replacer: 1000 uses/day
Text Remover: 1000 uses/day
Reimagine XL: 1000 uses/day
Replace Background: 1000 uses/day

ClipDrop: Cutting Edge, or Cutting Corners? A Look at User Reviews

Based on the Reddit thread and Product Hunt reviews, there are mixed opinions about ClipDrop. Here are some examples:


  • Jay Geater found ClipDrop useful for upscaling and purchased a subscription for upscaling multiple images.
  • Everett Berry praised ClipDrop for effectively removing backgrounds, noting sharp edges.
  • Basharath described ClipDrop as a superb design tool.
  • Marcus C appreciated the accessibility of tools via API but suggested reducing wait times for batches.


  • Marina complained about the background remover tool not consistently working and the lack of response from customer service.
  • Lily experienced issues with the remove background tool and rescaling tool, with no response from customer service.
  • Seth Godin expressed dissatisfaction with speed and quality, highlighting the absence of support and communication.

Many users are disappointed with the removal of certain free features, particularly the ability to generate images without upgrading to a pro account. Several users have reported experiencing technical issues with the ClipDrop app, ranging from app malfunctions to login problems.

Clipdrop recently discontinued its app for both Android and iOS platforms, leaving users disappointed and frustrated. Consequently, many users share frustration over the reduction in the app's value in Reddit communities and consider canceling their subscription. They inquire about compelling alternatives due to Clipdrop's diminished functionality.

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